Has anyone considered submitting a claim to the attorney general of their state? The ads that are run on TV every ten minutes are deceiving.

Implants in one day. Yes, you can get the implant in one day, but it takes from 3 to 6 months before you can get a crown. Considering the numerous complaints this company has received, its just a matter of time before someone files a class action lawsuit. The problem with these types of lawsuits is you receive pennies on the dollar.

I considered ClearChoice, and I'm glad I didn't. Too many unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

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ClearChoice Dental Implant Center Is not

BBB accredit .... Very convenient....


You are a perfect example of a waste of space! You have no valid complaint...

***, you never even stepped foot in the business... yet you take the time to leave negative reviews - why!?!

Yes, the price is A LOT... but, considering the fact that you need teeth to live a healthy lifestyle, I'd say it's worth every penny!

And why people think they have the right to speak negatively about a business just because they can't afford it is quite pathetic. Maybe you aught to go to Mercedes website next & say how much they suck because their commercials offend your small ego!


You are lucky you got crown. I got denture and few screw in the lower jaw for $26K.

Horrible I still can't believe

That I spend my retairment and still in pain every single day. Before you go in Clear choice you should go on this web and read what former employee have to say.

You better believe they telling the truth! I wish that I find this web before I chose to go.


www.clearchoice dental implants review Glassdoor


I looked in my state as well. The office in Charlotte, NC has no complaints that I could find.


I checked my state (Arizona) and have found 0 complaints. A+ BBB rating.

Ready to give them a try after all the research I've done. Expensive?

Yes. But you get what you pay for in my opinion.


1st I must say we have had an excellent experience with clear choice Rockville MD office. I really do not understand what you are trying to say?

What are you going to sue about bad advertising? Did you have your implant done somewhere else and what did it cost?

Clear Choice has an A+ BBB rating in MD I did a quick internet search and found no BBB complaints in the 3 states I checked.

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