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I VOTE ..... Class Action Suit for this Company .... I believe CLEAR CHOICE DENTAL IMPLANTS CENTER and their higlly trained staff ( to rip you off) has destroyed many peoples life's with Their product promise "AMERICAN DREAM" teeth in one day.... their TV COMERCIAL is a Complete FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!! ...

I HAVE PERSONAL HISTORY THAT I WILL MAKE PUBLIC AT AN APPROPIATE TIME .... I have CLEAR TANGIBLE PROOF TO BACK IT UP AT THE RIGHT TIME.... It will Shock Those who read it .... Im a real person and stand for the truth.

At CLEAR CHOICE me as a patient has been treated like my dental health and my opinions do not count.

I have been treated most times like i am a problem and my ability to eat, smile,talk and anything alse to do with my teeth is not as important as clear choice's schedule, procedures and new patients $$$$$ treatments.

I CONTINUE TO SUFFER 18 MONTHS AND COUNTING, and I STILL DONT HAVE FINAL TEETH, actually wearing bad quality false teeht that are cracked and loose.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $45000.

  • Clear Choice Dental Implants Cente
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I think you're full of $$$$.

Don't know where you had your work done, if you had any work done.

I did, and couldn't be happier. Everything the commercial says is true. I would recommend clear choice to anyone who needs to replace their original rotten teeth.


I also am going through a nitemare, burning pressure at the implant sites, almost a year and I'm still in misery. Going to have to take them all out and get dentures, and what's worse, my bottom teeth that I still had left were good teeth, but I wanted everything to match, upper and lower, so they pulled out 11 good bottom teeth placed 4 implants on bottom and top, which I only have 3 on top now because 1 was bad. They are a joke, stay away from clear choice.


They shoul put more implants.... Be strong....



It is 5 years since I had a full upper set of teeth from cc of St,Louis and the dozens of visits, hours of waiting, I still have terrible pain, discomfort, poor quality teeth. It affects my speech, my looks but do they care, no way they got their $22,500 up front!

I was promised by the supposed manager that they would do anything to put things right. What I wanted was a regular porcelain bridge but they wouldn't do it and did not honor their promise. Now I cannot find a specialist who can do anything for me.

so if there is a specialist in St.Louis or somewhere in the area that have been able to help any patients then please post something on this site.

I am desperate as I cannot live like this.

Thank you.


if there is anyone out there thinking of going through this, don't!

Have your implants done the normal way. In the end it's quicker and much more pleasing and natural, also long lasting, mine are 15 years old and I have never had any problems and they look like natural teeth.


I've had the same problem for about 20 months now and it's still ongoing! They sure know how to make you miserable hopeless and take your money and a lot of it!

What we need to do is get together and start a suit against them as there are plenty of us on here just complaining how were in pain and misery! Would you start a suit and put them out of their business because no one should go through all of this!!!


I had both upper and lower done 5 years ago with no problems. And yes it happens in one day!

They give you temporary implants until your mouth heals, custom fit the permanent ones and your done.

I have nothing but great things to say about Clear Choice. South Florida


First off learn to spell, second, every case that they do is different. Teeth are almost like finger prints is the same, so every case is different.

I've have had more implants then most can count. However, none have been done by clear choice. Now it's time to get my lower teeth done and after doing a ton of research, I'm going with clear choice, mainly because of the amount of time.

a regular dentist usually sends you to a surgeon, then back to them and if you need bovine, it's back to a surgeon. it can take up to two years so for almost the same price as regular implant specialist I'll give them a shot


I had all upper and lower implants done and it has been a great experience. I have had no problems after surgery and feel great. The office staff has been great. :)


8) I'm in on the class action... Text me 936-545-7111


What's ESTIME? You must have low self esteem not to bother spelling correctly.

@Big AL

What are you, the internet spell checker?

@Big AL

Yeah that's pretty low of you to just come on here to criticize someone's spelling regardless of the fact that you understood the point anyway. Don't be a low life.


Tim can you plz tell me more about this class action law suit? I have been dealing with clear choice for 2 years and everything they promised me was an absolute lie!

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