Atlanta, Georgia
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I can't get a signal in my home from either a mobile/USB modem or a wired modem from Clear Choice. The mobile only works in the driveway. A CSR offered to refund the payment for the mobile service that had been deducted from the bank account and send out a wired modem by Fedex and a Tech to troubleshoot.

Three weeks later, no modem, no Tech but a second payment deducted despite the cancellation request and lack of service. A supervisor would like me to forfeit my funds in exchange for not being billed an additional $168. as a termination fee. He said it is mobile not home service so lack of signal inside the building/home is not guaranteed.

Do not give this company your business unless you plan to use your computer outdoors. Do not give them access to funds, and do not trust them to provide reliable service.

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Thank you for letting us know of your issues. So I guess the 30 trail is NOT a true option???

I was waiting for a call back to signup.

NO THANKS CLEAR!!! Having enough issues with ATT...


i have been trying to get a refund from them for 6 months you cannot return there product to the store they dont mail you these labels they say you need to mail it to washington atate and then they said they would email them too me gues who didnt have the right e mail on file even my mailing address was wrong still no refund and my service never worked


After reading your comments, I have decided NOT to sign up afterall with Clear Choice. Thanks for alerting us of your nightmare experience.

I see that you have had lots of hits, but wish those hits and future hits would take the time to comment back. It would be interesting to see just how many people actually changed their mind about purchasing service with Clear Choice.

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