Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
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I would like more info as I need dental work done and beleive u r the only people that can help in my dyer need of help

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Read all the warnings posted here!!!!!I need work also but clear choice sounds very scarry..25 bad ones to 1 good one.


I'm not sure what year this was written, if it was this year and or you still need help with your dental work give our office a call. We a re located in Reading, PA and we do the entire all-on-four procedure in our office. Our websites are or, please call to set up a complimentary consultation 1-844-All-on-Four.



I would love for someone to help me I'm a 34 year-old woman with a 100 year old mouth. Was in a 7 year evil relationship which resaulted in the god awful train reck in my mouth now. However it is way out of reach for someone like myself who has a limited income (at poverty lvl ) this is down right depressing as they are affecting my health, and apparently at these costs no hope what's so ever of being able to smile ever again.

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