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My life and mouth have been destroyed by clear choice dental implant center. Don't fall for their lies and empty promises.

Dont walk away...Run away and never look back. They are huge *** artists and to suck people dry at the expense off the peoples health, lives and bank accounts. They tell you what you want to hear and then they dont follow through.They don't care about whats best for you and once they get your money watch out. They tell you impnats and their "dentures" are better than real teeth.

Let me just say I am in more pain now than I ever was with my real teeth. Do whatever it takes to keep your natural teeth...root canals one at a time or what ever, but just know that their set up is the biggest crock I have ever seen.

Their implants and denture teeth are horrid and miserable and tastronomical amout of money they charge could be better put to use fixing your natural teeth. And believe me when I say there is nothing better than natural teeth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I just read some of these comments and I would like to clarify some of the points made here. First, I do not work for Clear Choice but I am a dental specialist and I have been placing and restoring implants for over 25 years.

I also do the All on 4 technique which is what Clear Choice recommends for their Teeth in a Day technique.

First, I have many patients who love this technique. It does give you immediate teeth when the implants can be placed and screwed in to the proper recommended retention and their is a lot of research justifying this procedure. The comment by the dental hygienist that the likelihood of failure if high is not a correct assessment. I can list some of the research to debunk her opinion and I will if requested to.

The comment by the dentist that these need to be removed every 2 months and cost $500 is also not correct. I have the exact type of appliance in peoples mouths for over 20 years without being removed. I do have them see my hygienist every 4 to 6 months depending on their hygiene.

What I will agree with is that natural teeth are usually the best thing you can keep and that the All on 4 procedure is not for everyone.

You should ask researched questions before beginning any advanced dental procedure and you should make sure the dentist(s) that you work with have the training and experience to do whatever it is you seek. If anyone has any more specific questins for me you can reach me at


I am very interested in hearing from somebody out there that had dentures for years and actually had implants from Clear Choice. The idea of not having to have bone grafts because of the new technology was very impressive to me.

Now i understand each patient is different as well. Thanks


Run for your life from Clear Choice. I had implants placed (4 upper and 4 lower).

What a nightmare. They totally disregarded my impressions and on the day of surgery placed teeth in my mouth that do not fit. My face is droopy, my *** is off and the tip of my tongue curls under because of having no room for it. I put my teeth together and my lips disapear It's like they put somebody else's teeth in my mouth.

The prostodontist said he tried pushing my teeth straighter. I have complained from day one. Their response is, we can't do anything, the implants need to heal before they do anything else. I was also told because of having to remove bone and tissue is the reason the teeth don't fit.

Aren't they the so called professionals and should have known this. They have destroyed me. People are asking what is wrong with me, and now I won't leave my house. Clear Choice is a bunch of crooks.

In the beginning they were very nice and compassionate.....but once they get your money, they could care less.

Do Not, I repeat, Do Not go to Clear Choice. Once you have a problem (which they created), they can care less.


I'm in Atlanta and Im need implants. I was thinking of going to Clear Choice, as a matter of fact I have a consult scheduled.

But now I'm scared.. Has anyone had implants done in Atlanta and was happy with the results, price, and experience.


please help me my teeth have come out after C.C had planted them


Chose not to use Clear Choice as have read they a very aggressive in wanting to pull ALL your teeth if possible......I am using a Dental School in Chicago for my implants, slow process and a lot less expensive..But I have all the time in the world...OH and the excellent BBB rating? Dateline did a special that showed businesses can buy a higher rating there...Pretty sad to me that you can scam the Better Business Bureau, just proves to me again that money talks!!! JMO


Before I was introduced to Clear Choice I had spent $30,000 in the past 10 years trying to keep bridges, caps, root canals, etc. in an attempt to keep a clean and healthy mouth.

During that time I don't remember a year going by that I wasn't having trouble. I do remember many visits to the dentist, bad breath, bridges moving around, and infections, not to mention the thousands of bucks spent. In about Feb 2009, almost two years now, I had total mouth, uppers and lowers done by Clear Choice in Atlanta. I have had no trouble at all since.

It has changed my life all for the better. I have beautiful teeth, I can eat anything, my mouth is clean and I have had no dental problems, infections or bad breath since. I agree it would be great to have all your own teeth, but, if you are not one of the lucky ones, I can tell you that these teeth from Clear Choice are the best I have every had. They take very serious procedures and impressions so that everyting fits, looks natural and feels great.

If you want to talk to me call the Atlanta Clear Choice office and they can get you in touch with me. R Miller


As a practicing implant dentist, I can tell you that dental implants as well as all on 4 procedure that is aggressively marketed by Clear Choice is a very complex process and results can vary from patient to patient. What many patients do not realize is that any complex dental care including dental implants will require follow through and assurance from the dental center provding the care.

I am not too familiar with clear choice but it looks like they provide quality service but reading the feed back tells me that they are falling short in their level of customer service and in the process have disappointed patients. One point that I mnot sure if it is discussed with the patients is that when you get a fixed denture ( all on 4) food does collect considerably and it is very important that the patient sees a regular dentist at least every 2 months for removal and re insertion of the fixed denture so the implants can be cleaned. The hygiene appointment can run up to $500 per visit due the time involved. Therefore, there will be maintaince cost assocaited with fixed dentures vs.

over dentures that the dentures can be snapped on to the implants. We make sure we communiate all these factors with a prospective patients and educate them in our public dental seminars.

If I can answer any further questions you may contact me at or calling 949-789-0303 or 760-674-0303

Please return to the office and ask them to address you issues. Most dental professionals are very good at keeping up their promise and good luck


Clear Choice is the best experience I have had. They are innovative and have amazing staff that cares about every step of surgery, recovery and payment. I have never had a better experience with any medical situation.

The all on 4 surgery is one of the most complex and these doctors know what they are doing and are way way way ahead of others in their field.

Not to mention the amount of education they offering in there offices.

I would have paid more for the amazing experience I had.


I am a dental hygienist and I can give this advice...keep your natural teeth as long as possible. Do not use implants where they tell you they will get all the work done in 1 day.

The likelyhood that the implant will fail is high. The bone around the implant need to mature before loading the crown onto it and adding the stress of biting.

Also, remeber you get what you pay for. So, if it is too good to be true, than it really is!


I am thinking about using ClearChoice here in Phoenix, Az. Anyone had any experience with them here?

Evidently, not all of these places are created equal!! I had all my upper teeth removed last year with 4 titanium implants and hate them!! Have had to go back to my dental about 6 times to have them readjusted because they don't keep their fit, plus lots of food always gets under them!

I've even had the complete set of teeth completely crack in two, which they did fix at no charge but WHAT A HUMILIATION AND EMBARRASSMENT!! Should I use ClearChoice here in Phoenix?


Moonmother, Have you tried any of the dentists in Mexico?


Sorry to here about all the troubles people are having with thier dental implants. You should check out Real

Choice Dental implant Center of Kentuckiana (4th Street Dental Spa).

They guarantee their work and the price is less than 1/2 the cost of Clear Choice. If You've had work done at Clear Choice your not happy with call and tell them and they will fix it for you at a fraction of the cost.


YESSSS I worked there until they let everyone go that worked hard to make them $$$$$$$ How do you clean under the denture???


Island Girl your comments are not specific enough to be helpful for someone to make an informed decision. If you wear dentures and go to implants it will rock your world.

The ipm Cntr has done this for thousands of happy patients and I am one of them. They've gone nation wide and have the top score from Better Business Bureau.

I'm sorry it hasn't worked out for you. If you have more specific comments you sh report them to the Better Business Bureau.


Island Girl, sorry for your bad dental experience. What did you have done by Clear Choice?

Where did you have your procedure? I agree that the your natural teeth are the best, but once they have been fixed until they can't be fixed an further...then what. Dentures? No teeth?

Personally, I don't like either of these choices. Implants really do seem like a good choice


what do you do after extracting all your teeth and put all on 4 and then hate it , once you have taken out natural teeth regardless even if they are not healthy and putting these dental implant all on 4 and then hate it,just think about money time and loss of natural teeth and unable to reverse it,

I say it is a risky business


Had spent tens of thousands on natural teeth. I had one failure after another was constantly in the dentist's office with one procedure after another.

I thought all-on-four would be my solution, but now I am constantly uncomfortable and my mouth is sore after more than a year. I may end up with old fashioned dentures after the 37,000.00 cost!


OH so sorry Island girl.I have had excellent + terrible results @ two different clear choice centers w/ my all 4 upper implants. The different offices are like night + day!

Chicago is amazing! DC is NOT!

I highly recommend Chicago. DC is all about hustling as many people through as they can for the $$. Their finished work, the look of the teeth is terrible in my experience and had to be corrected.

Chicago is excellent is every aspect. Clear Choice should send every Dr.

to Chicago to study under Dr.Pierre to learn the artistry of the look of the teeth on the patient. its not all about the money and the surgery!


Dear Island Girl,

Sorry to hear about your experience! You are right...keeping your natural teeth is the best option as long as they are in good shape.

Let us know if our office can help.