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My life and mouth have been destroyed by clear choice dental implant center. Don't fall for their lies and empty promises.

Dont walk away...Run away and never look back. They are huge *** artists and to suck people dry at the expense off the peoples health, lives and bank accounts. They tell you what you want to hear and then they dont follow through.They don't care about whats best for you and once they get your money watch out. They tell you impnats and their "dentures" are better than real teeth.

Let me just say I am in more pain now than I ever was with my real teeth. Do whatever it takes to keep your natural teeth...root canals one at a time or what ever, but just know that their set up is the biggest crock I have ever seen.

Their implants and denture teeth are horrid and miserable and tastronomical amout of money they charge could be better put to use fixing your natural teeth. And believe me when I say there is nothing better than natural teeth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Slightly different take on dentistry in all its facets but still on topic - In my years dealing with dentists, cosmetic surgeons and denture providers, both for myself and an aging mother, I feel we all need to be concerned with the fact that for these types of procedures and appliances, the dentist will make well over $500 an hour net. Low end practicing dentists make roughly 80k to 120k per year.

The big cheeses like cosmetics make several hundred thousand a year. One that I personally know netted after tax over $700ast year. Don't know about you, but there is no dentist that should work 4 days a week and make over $1 million a year gross. I am a Republican, a capitalist and conservative but that is obscene.

They are not doctors, they are slightly more trained and schooled than chiropracters - who I have much more respect for. A surgeon who does heart valve replacements deserves a million a year - a dentist who always wants to 'save your real teeth' while milking you for fillings, then a root canal, then an onlay, etc.. adding up to well over $3k per tooth basically wants to 'save your real teeth' so that they can have a ferrari. The actual materials and labor to pull all of your teeth and give you permanent implants (real ones) is well under $10k and takes about 10 hours of labor for the dentist and just several days for a lab (in office or in China) to make them.

Noone in America should have to pay more than a 20% profit margin on that. Dentures for ANYONE should cost less than $5k including all extractions and procedures and full mouth implants (not these fake, weird dentures on studs, contrary to the what the poster Dr No one states, thats what they are)should cost no more than $12 or $13k all inclusive. Dentists, not all but in general, are obscene quacks who have no idea how to do much of anything aside from keeping the money pit flowing.

When you have to talk to an 'education counselor' or a financial counselor at your dentist office, you should not be impressed with the level of staffing they have, you should run away while questioning the fact that someone has to pay for that office manager, education person, finance coordinator and so on. That someone is you.

@Informed and Intelligent

I am a dentist and unfortunately a lot of what you say is true. However, there are guys out there who are more than mouth mechanics and are more oral physicians.

I always tell lay people to trust their gut about doctors or dentists. If they are not 100% comfortable and confident, then move on. Some are sales people, some are undereducated and not up to date. I personally spend tens of thousands and hundreds of hours on continuing education every year.

Consumers should do multiple consults and educate themselves.


I, too, went to Clear Choice Dental Implant Center in Atlanta. "Free $650.00 xrays and consultation with the doctor" is what I fell for.

I received a "reminder call" the day before my appointment - that the doctor had set aside an hour and it was important that I show up.

I kept my appointment and was fairly excited.

The staff was courteous and friendly. However, I never saw a doctor. I spent my hour with the financial man. At one point, he left and came back to say the doctor had looked at my xrays and I had enough bone to get the implants.

After finding out that the cost was $42,000 (!!!) -- there was no way.

I went back to a regular dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry. Of course, he needed x-rays and I was not excited about doing more x-rays (medically speaking) since I had just had the ones done at CC.

I called (as did my dentist) about getting a copy x-rays taken there. They were extremely helpful, and got the x-rays out right away -- for a cost, of course, of $375.00.

However, the disc that they put these on have to be read with specialized software.

AT NO TIME was I - or my dentist office - advised of this, so the x-rays were, in fact, useless.

Now $375.00 is not a huge amount of money -- but substantial - at least to me.

I think what irkes me the most and confirms my suspicion of CC is that while business's are in fact in the business of making money -- these people seem to be ONLY interested in making money -- at their patients expense!

@Carla D.

The data they gave you should have a reader on the disk. If not then go back and ask for another copy.

A competent place that you get an opinion from should be able to read the disk wit their software. Medical radiology is uniformly put in the form of DICOM.

Clear choice uses a the iCAT scanners from Imaging sciences international. Perhaps you can contact them and get insight on how the scan can be read


I'm so glad for your helpful comments.


I had a dental implant placed on the same day as extraction 11years ago and I have been in excruciating pain since that day. Although I did not go to a Clear Choice doctor, I wanted to tell my story so people know that doing the tooth extraction & implant on the same day is not a good idea.

I saw two other oral surgeons after my procedure to try to figure out what was wrong and they both told me they would NEVER put an implant in on the same day as extraction. The extraction site should be allowed to heal for 6 months wether you get a bone graft or not to make sure there are no other issues prior to placing the implant. Because the surgeon who placed my implant chose to do the procedure in one day instead of waiting, my life was changed forever. I now have chronic pain.

I was only 32 when this happened to me. And to any of you who will post a comment about how I should have taken care of my teeth or done more research or whatever argument you have, this did HAPPEN to me. The surgeon had 25 years experience and I did take care of my teeth, but some people are born with softer teeth than others.

So, please, don't end up like me.

Don't get extractions and implants on the same day!!! Do your research before getting implants!


If you are thinking about Dental Implant DO NOT go to Clearchoice. The procedure they do is about 3000 in parts and labor and they will charge you as much as you can pay all for having plastic teeth in your mouth where FOOD will collect and stink under the bridge between your gums.

The system works but the price is way out of touch.

Whole mouth should be done for 7500.00 not a pennjy more . Do not pay 35,45,50 thousand dollars!!!!!!!!


Look... I am a dentist. There is marginal new evidence that placing a couple implants on the LOWER jaw and delivering a denture the same day can work. I stress that the data here is still relatively new.

Implant placement on the UPPER or maxilla with immediate prosthesis delivery is just not something I personally would advise or recommend to my patients or family.

I am a good, hard working, ethical dental practitioner. I think of my patients as extended family. It pains me to watch my profession continue to be driven by the guys with the black turtle necks w/black coats. The so called "gurus" who place the dollar ahead of the best interest of their patients. First the debacle that is laser/Zoom bleaching and now this.

It is a sad day to be a dentist.


Caroline C complaining about having a bone graft and implants placed and having to wear a flipper tooth prosthesis from the Minneapolis Clear Choice. I am a former Mayo patient of the dentist at Clear Choice.

He is a reputable and monumental academic and clinician in the field of implants. He is the editor of the international implant journal. He retired from mayo after being my cancer prosthodontist. He is giving you his attention and expertise.

I miss him everytime I go to the Mayo clinic for check ups, but am thankful for his excellent care everytime I look in the mirror. Maybe you should accept that your dental problem is an illness, it is your illness and your problem. Your prosthodontist can help you with your dental illness. Getting well is not just "buying" a new car or a new pair of shoes.

Which by the way, breaks down and needs to be polished and resoled. Prosthetic teeth are mechanical too and even they will require home work for you. They are not the teeth you had at 16 before stain, decay, and chipping and breaking. If your real teeth were that great you would not be seeking an implant.

Give yourself and your dentist some time. A few months of transition is worth a life time of a smile, because a smile is never false...even if your teeth are.


You cannot expect to have implants in 1 day! Implants are surgery.

They post has to be implanted and the bone has to grow around it, like a root, and it has to be stable before you can start chewing on it. It takes around 9 months to have the bone grow around the rod!

You are asking for trouble if you go to a place like this!!


Had a bone graph and implant completed in October 2011. Elected to have a temporary flipper for my two missing teeth for the six months until my first implant was complete.

The flipper was never fit properly and I slurred so badly that I couldn't wear it. Went back to have it adjusted but it was still not fitting. I am now having my flipper changed to a temporary cap.

I have no confidence now in the crew in Minneapolis. I am supposed to have the second implant inserted in July, but I am not confident with Clear Choice.


BIG ***.

They cannot do more than 3 implants in a short time. They promised me for my full set of teeth, upper and lower and I had them all taken out, due to my fear of dentistry so as I would never have a problem any more.

Later I was told that this had been enethical and all my teeth should not have been allowed to be pulled out. They promised me within 3 months all would be finished. NOT TRUE. It took more than a year, plus I had to have anaesthetic once more to finish the work.

Since then I have had endless nasty issues with my implants and mouth. There are dentists out there now who can do much much better than Clear Choice. I spent so much money and yes they are good at selling their service. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

Please do not be fooled. They protect themselves immensely witth legalities all on their side.

Once you have paid and had the work done. There is nothing more you can do to recoup your money and you are left with no choice, since they did the work but to go to them until you wish to have them removed at a cost of up to $70,000 dollars.


I was apprehensive with some bad reviews for Clear Choice. But I did go for it, I leave 2 hrs away from Atlanta and Charlotte.

I pick Charlotte since Dr Lewis seems to be well trained compare to the one it Atlanta. The staff are courteous. The procedure went well and took just about 25 min. Versed worked and without significant side effects.

I actually writing this review in the nice recovery room at Clear Choice. Will see what the long term outcome is but so far the experience has been pleasant.

The price certainly high about twice what local oral surgeon would have charged me but I do want the best trained surgeon and equipment . I will take about 6 months before I find out whether this worth the money and time .


I went to Clear Choice thinking what most prospective patients think, you are going to get umplants in one day, not true.I went ahead with the Clear Choice prodecure, I had only the upper done, cost $17,000.00 or $18,000. In one day they pulled all my upper teeth put in 3 implants and then attached a temporary bridge (teeth).

It took 18 months to get the appliance to where it fit almost properly. The Clear Choice people tell you you will be able to eat anything you want, again not true. Since my supposedly last appt. my mouth is irritated and burns everyday to some degree.

The left side of my face hurts all of the time somedays it is very mild and other days it is so unbearable I have to take a pain pill.

I am less than thrilled with Clear Choice but I made the decision and I have to own it but if I knew then what I know now I would never have had it done. So to all of you out there who are thinking of having Clear Choice implants be afraid be very afraid, and do your research.


I went to Clear Choice Dental about 1-1/2 years ago on the recommendation of two other dentists I know. I also went to the Faculty Dental School at Case Western University which I felt was very disappointing. It was only my upper teeth that we addressed.

To sum up my experience, the staff and doctors at Clear Choice Dental were very professional and treated me as an individual with my own specific needs. All in all my experience was a good one; my smile is beautiful and it is so nice to chew on both sides of my mouth.

To the people who were disappointed; either you didn't listen to what was said, did not read the book, or did not review the DVD, all materials Clear Choice gave me before I made any decision. The price was reduced if it was paid in advance which is why that subject is brought up and suggestions are made. Clear Choice Dental is assured of their payment and you are assured of completion of their work.

Over my lifetime my teeth (crowns, etc.)had worn down and my *** was too close. With the construction of my new "teeth", Clear Choice Dental reconstructed my *** and it is perfect.

When I first went there I made some comment to which they replied that they "wanted to make me happy". Although I smiled, I internally scoffed, believing this to be just words. As we continued constructing my new "teeth", I found they absolutely meant it. Dr. Kanawati, in Cleveland, and I had discussions about how the upper and lower teeth matched, what they should look like, where they should rest when my mouth was closed, how my lips should appear, and many other related topics. My dentist friends have checked my mouth and are impressed with what they see. In fact, one of these dentists, who had specialized in dentures his entire career, decided to have the same procedure done that I had.

Yes, this is a BRIDGE and is not your natural teeth. I'm sorry but the roots of many of my natural teeth had reached a point where they would not support a post and crown any longer. If there was a way I could have kept my natural teeth or replaced one or two, I certainly would have done that, but such was not the case for me. Although the procedure is somewhat pricey, the dental school would have cost me more and individual implants and crowns would have been astronomical.



I came across this site looking for the center in San Diego. Just need a check up.

Was shocked at the bad experiences people had. I've had upper and lower done 4 years ago. Still smiling with straight white perfect teeth I "NEVER" had before. My work was done in Denver and at that time one of the only centers.

I was blessed with horrible teeth since a kid, 4 were also knocked out. One of those in the chairs a good deal of my life. No issues, brush floss to keep gums clean.

Oh, by the way, have not seen a dentist in 4 years. Worth every penny


would like to hear from people who have had clear choice dental implants for more than a year

@dallas person

I have had my implants ( full mouth) for 3 years now. I was not happy with the way they functioned - I had trouble chewing as both the lower and upper teeth were too short.

I had some major life issues and waited over a year to call Clear Choice back to get the problems corrected. Dr. Kanawati told me that he will work with me until I am totally ecstatic with my teeth. Yes, I have spent a few hours in the dental chair while they worked on my teeth, but every minute is worth it.

Dr. K and staff are the best! They bend over backwards to keep me comfortable at all times. I feel so pampered by everyone in the Cleveland office.

My permanents will be placed in 2 days and I am very excited.

For everyone that thinks one office visit will give them new teeth - think about it- your gums have to heal and the swelling has to go down before they can properly fit your permanent teeth, but they do place temporary teeth the day of surgery. So, it is not fair to bash them about their advertising. Maybe they could word it better, but if you ask questions you will understand. Every question I have ever asked them has been answered to my satisfaction.

I cannot say enough good things about the Cleveland office. I love them all and my experience has been excellent.


I went to the ClearChoice in Tysons corner a few weeks ago. They quoted me $61,000, but I got a discount because I saw the add on TV.

Then i got another discount for whatever and a 3rd. Total price $43,000.00 The salesman wanted me to take out a home equity loan. He was willing to run the numbers with my mortgage company. I said I would think about it just to get out of there.

I couldn't believe. BUT the best thing was last week the guy called and said they were running an October special and the price is now $36,000.00. I LOL. So which is it?

What is the real price? I was seriously thinking about this, just today I told my husband. Thank God I am finding out all this information. Thanks everyone.

Buyer Beware! I've always said that Your teeth are the only thing that God gives you 2 sets of so you have to take care of them.

I only have 16 teeth left but I am going to do what I can to save them. Thanks to everyone again.


Hey Jane,

Call California Dental Board... also, might call Delta Dental!!!

One of these doctors had a Dental practice on Forrest Ave in San Jose.... So man complaints he walked away.

Don't cry a year from now when the implants fall out....