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My life and mouth have been destroyed by clear choice dental implant center. Don't fall for their lies and empty promises.

Dont walk away...Run away and never look back. They are huge *** artists and to suck people dry at the expense off the peoples health, lives and bank accounts. They tell you what you want to hear and then they dont follow through.They don't care about whats best for you and once they get your money watch out. They tell you impnats and their "dentures" are better than real teeth.

Let me just say I am in more pain now than I ever was with my real teeth. Do whatever it takes to keep your natural teeth...root canals one at a time or what ever, but just know that their set up is the biggest crock I have ever seen.

Their implants and denture teeth are horrid and miserable and tastronomical amout of money they charge could be better put to use fixing your natural teeth. And believe me when I say there is nothing better than natural teeth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Thank you for all this info. I have always had problems with my teeth and I would hate to pay money for something that would just cost me more money and problems. I am so glad I found this blog!!!


I saw Clear Choice ad on TV and decided to get in the internet. I would rather trust my dentist to do implant work but after reading on this blog will definately go the root canal route when needed.

Especially, which made me feel good to read, it is always best to keep the teeth you were born with and don't worry about "cosmetics" ! Swish with peroxide twice a day and keep them white !


In the last 4 years I have had implants. Two upper bridges.

I required bone graphs and sinus lifts in both cases. Honestly, NO PAIN after surgeries. The entire process in each case took about a year. Well worth it.

The cost was about $15,000 for both. I dont know if Clear Choice teeth are permanently attached, but mine are. it isnt possible to have done what I had in one day. My doctor is Dr.

Jimmy Harper in Cincinnati, Ohio. Phone 513-451-7300. He is a maxillofacial surgeon with years of experience. The man is a genius.

My teeth are stronger than steel and I'm 60 years old.

This sort of work requires a professional and time. You get what you pay for.


I agree. They are full of lies.

"Dentures in a day" is what I was promised. Instead, 9mos. later I am still not finished with the dentures or implants. These dentures look awful.

I am so embarrassed. This is to say nothing of the steadily increasing cost. My best friend had her teeth extracted and dentures and implants placed at a Denturist in Pasco, WA. She wanted me to go with her.

I did not want to travel there and I bought into the "Dentures in a day" jive.

Anyhow, her teeth are beautiful and she was done months ago. All I can say is stay away from clear choice and go to a qualified Denturist if you need dentures and implants.


Thank you Becky and God bless you.

Questions arise: Did dental insurance cover it?

Can you sue the place that screws up your mouth?



I have read many of the comments in this blog and I think that one thing is true in all of these cases. Clear-Choice, I believe, promotes a protocol that can work well for some people. The reality is that we are not "Fords or Chryslers" but we are people and you cannot take a "cookie-cutter" approach to treatment for every case and expect it to work out well. Whether your doctor is from Clear Choice dental or not the quality of your work will be determined by your treating doctors. Therefore it is very important to ask around and find people who have had consistent results ant that truely cares for you as an individual. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to see some of these cases that are done strictly for money and then the patient is dumped and told they cannot be helped. These cases are expensive to fix and when I have complications it drives me, and I work until I find a solution.

Make sure you have a practitioner that cares for you and be infomed of what you are having done to your mouth. Implants are not "*** proof" and unfortunatley there are alot of people out there who are not well informed and are being taken advantage of in these cases. Be careful, and take care.


I would recommend the following method to avoid scams and unscrupulous dentists and surgeons:

Ask them for their home address and telephone numbers;

if they talk their way out of providing this;

***'em! look for an honest person who has nothing to hide.


Clear Choice is a total SCAM of a franchise. I beg anyone that is considering dental implants to find a local ,reputable Dentist that is not part of a money-making factory mill that makes promises that can not be true!!

Implants can not be done in one day.!! Ask any reputable Dentist about Clear Choice-they will tell you that it is feeding on one's desperation to have everything done in a day-(which is their marketing compaign) and is very misleading. A reputable Dentist-as with any professional-would encourgage you to get a 2nd,even 3rd opinion before any medical procedure is done. I was taken by Clear Choice Ads and actually drove an hour and a half to Chicago for my "first" consult, which consisted of a "financial advisor" instructing me on the cost of $48,000 .

I felt more trapped in this office then when I went to buy a used car! I made the best decision of my life when I gathered my belongings and left my "financial advisor" on the pretense that I was not feeling well-which really was not a lie because this place made me physically ill when I realized what a unethical operation they are running.PLEASE-STAY AWAY!!!!!!

Report them to the BBB or Dental Medical Board if you have experienced a problem with this factory mill. Clear Choice is a Bad Choice.


I agree with you "big time".......and business that place your well being AFTER they determine you have the money does not need your business. This reminds me of a Chicago hair restoration business that I have come to dub "bennis the menace" and is now also the subject of a class action suit and a parallel Ill. states attorney fraud investigation.


I am BEAUTIFUL, thanks to Clear Choice. It is the best $40,000 I have spent!!


I went to Clear Choice in Denver the beginning of August. I'm 62 and every tooth in my mouth has been crowned or removed, the majority root-canaled, and I had a bridge that was failing for the 3rd time.

My daughter was getting married in Sept. and I hada consultation with Clear Choice because I as afraid of this bridge falling off befor my daughter's wedding. They were extremely professional, and Dr. said that I was an in-between case.

The bridge on my upper right was failing and I definitely have some issues on the upper left (which I can tell from the pain I get there some times). The Dr. said that some of the middle upper teeth (already crowned) might last awhile longer, so the decision to do the All on 4 was totally mine. I am so tired of my entire life dealing with dental issues and having spent a fortune already that I decided to go ahead and do it.

They managed to get me an appointment about a month before my daughter's wedding and I gave them a $1,000 deposit. They completely explained everything and how the teeth you leave with the day of your procedure are not your final dentures. They are temporary for about 6 months when your final dentures are placed. After a couple of days thinking about it, I decided that I was too afraid of complications so soon before my daughter's wedding, and called to cancel my procedure.

They were completely understanding, there was no pressure, and within a week, I had a check refunding my $1,000 deposit.

Yesterday, my bridge did finally fail, I had to have a tooth pulled, and I'm now trying to deal with a partial denture in my mouth. I want to get though the holidays, but I plan to go back to Clear Choice in January. I can't spend the rest of my life spending a fortune on trying to save teeth that are going to eventually be lost (and not having the money in retirement to do it).

My sister went through it the few implants one at a time, and she spent over $50,000.

I don't want to go that route. Hope Clear Choice works for me.


the course of dental treatment in the United States is outrageous. I pay $6000 to get laser surgery on my teeth because I didn't want my gums cut.

the dentist was going to do the traditional surgery told me that my teeth would last for another 10 years. The person who did get laser surgery for me putting dental stents that course in overbite and cause my teeth to become who and they could not be saved. I find myself going around to dentists who promised free consultation and then wind up charging you for CT scans. The course was outrageous.

They wanted the treatment to last over a year in just that top part of my mouth would cost about $40,000 which included sinus graphs. this forced me to search around and I remember seeing a program on 60 min. and I talked about dental tourism. this led me to research and I found a dentist in Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica I was able to get a full top mouth restoration. furthermore they took it out some work that I need it in the bottom of my mouth with 2 teeth on one side and 3 teeth on the other side replace the crown from the previous root canal. I had a total of 12 implants, a temporary set of top teeth which is a full arch that I was given immediately. in Costa Rica the dentist pulled my 7 loose teeth and gave me 8 implants on top.

This was done in the amazing time of 47 min. you heard me right I said 47 min. and I had no pain whatsoever. I was supposed to get assign his grass but my gums were too swollen and he did not subside in time.

Over the next 2 days that I was there one day I had 2 implants on the other side and then on the other side I had an additional 2 implants. While I was there I got a little nervous because I was there 4 days before I was asked for any payment at all. In the states you cannot walk to the door without producing an insurance form or credit cards for payment. Any new states they will drag the treatment time to over a year.

While I was down there I seen many people from the states who had pulled their teeth for as much as 6 months and they had to walk around like that while waiting for implants. Let me tell you something I shocked when I was told how much I have to pay in Costa Rica. The cost for my 1st visit was only, let me repeat it was only $6800. And I was able to come home with an additional set up temporary set will put in.

my airfare from New York was only $451. The hotel that I was staying at was $40 a day. I stayed here a total of 12 days Which they require you to do. They usually want you to stay about 10 business days.

The initial treatment covered the implants and the temporaries to cleaning up my teeth it as well as any other service provided at that time. Next I will go back to my crowns. Which are porcelain and metal. The course of them is a somewhere between 3 and $500.

rang night. Remember because the costs was so reasonable I don't remember whether it's 350 or $500 so I will be paying about $5000 more to have my mouth completely restored. So that's about $14,000 plus the course of the hotel if there is additional $2000 would come to about $16,000 in total that I will spend. I might go back and get to sign his graphs which is about $3000.

And the complete job will run no more than $20,000. That's a far cry from the 40,000 without sinus graphs, which a dentist in New York wanted to charge me $7800 for. Anyway, the place you would want to contact: is ( Dental implants of Costa Rica. The dentists name is Marco Munoz Cavallini.

look him up on Google is also listed under go there and all your dental problems will be over. I am only saying this because it's a pain in the butt when you have to go to a dentist because you cannot eat because you had this discomfort in your mouth and everyone is trying to rip you off.

What they wanted charge is outrageous so see Dr. Cavallini and I can guarantee you you'll be satisfied.


Thank u for all the comments i have and appointment tommorrow but after reading this i wont be going thank u guys and god bless


DO NOT GO TO CLEAR CHOICE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER!!!!! Their goal is not to do the best thing for the patient but to meet and exceed the sales goal set forth by the corporate office.

They are very skilled at convincing people that they do not have any other options and that they're teeth can not be saved. Not always true! Also, once the all-on-four procedure has begun it takes 9 months to FOREVER for the treatment to be completed and it does not end there. The teeth that are fixed to the implants break constantly!

I have been back for repairs more than a dozen times. I wish i had done more research and chosen a different route. I have spoken to other patients in the waiting area (which, by the way I am in far past my appointment time)and they are all unhappy with one thing or another. It is very hard to clean between the teeth and the gums so your gums get very irritated and then it is off to the periodontist again!!!

I feel as though I have been scammed. Even though I am an intelligent man and a smart consumer, my desire for perfect teeth impaired my judgement.

Please, do not let it happen to you! :sigh

@Bob N.

Thank you for enlightening the public - May God bless you.


Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you


you lost all credibility when you posted the "GOD BLESS YOU " comment . It's so obvious you have zero argument or intelligence because that's the go to line all ignorant go to when they don't have any intellect at all . Funny as can be to me but pathetic for you .


God bless you loser , u need God in ur life .


I have just paid $4500 for one implant not done Clear Choice, done by two private periodontists. Be careful, get everything in writing, understand the exact procedure and what the final reconstructed crown will be made of.

Noble doesn't mean it's gold, platinum or much of it. Porcelain is what they want to stick you with but it causes a lot of wear and tear on opposing teeth.

Dentists are not interested in saving teeth, avoid crowns -- xrays don't show what's happening. There the first stage of losing a tooth.


I have had implants installed by one of the top periodontists in the country and there is no way it can be done in one day. Some require bone grafts, which take weeks to heal, before installing implants.

Once implants are installed temporary crowns are installed and the implants are monitored prior to installing the final crowns. Clear Choice talks about using two implants to support four crown teeth, what a joke. Unless they are made from titanium they will break with a span that wide.

I live in Houston and will still travel to Atlanta to have my next implants installed by the professional that installed implants where others said it could not be done [upper front with a wicked overbite] and they are rock solid. Good implants are not inexpensive but cheap implants will cost you dearly in pain and if even possible having them done correctly.