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My life and mouth have been destroyed by clear choice dental implant center. Don't fall for their lies and empty promises.

Dont walk away...Run away and never look back. They are huge *** artists and to suck people dry at the expense off the peoples health, lives and bank accounts. They tell you what you want to hear and then they dont follow through.They don't care about whats best for you and once they get your money watch out. They tell you impnats and their "dentures" are better than real teeth.

Let me just say I am in more pain now than I ever was with my real teeth. Do whatever it takes to keep your natural teeth...root canals one at a time or what ever, but just know that their set up is the biggest crock I have ever seen.

Their implants and denture teeth are horrid and miserable and tastronomical amout of money they charge could be better put to use fixing your natural teeth. And believe me when I say there is nothing better than natural teeth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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@All I want for Xmas is my 2 fr

Cost me 12k for 2 teeth

@All I want for Xmas is my 2 fr

Cost me $15K for a full arch "All-On-4" with a beautiful Zirconium bridge. And I didn't use Clear Choice.


I worked for clear choice and I know how Horrible they are!


I Worked At Clearchoice And It Is A Great Place...You Probably Didn't Go To Your Post Op Appts OR Follow Post Op Instructions! Trust Me, All The Doctors Are Awesome....The Are The Best Of The Best!!


that is job security that comment - you haven't had it done - you haven't paid 44,000. for torture - you are not truthful..


Utter bs. I had my mouth destroyed by clear choice I went to my post ops.

The oral surgeon who butchered me didn't even show up. I had to get a new Dr. And three reconstructive surgeries to fix what that sadist did to me. And I am still eating mush and drinking my food.

My advice to everyone.

DONT Go to clear choice if you value you quality of life. I have lost mine.


Would you participate on a possible Class Action Lawsuit ?


I went to the Clear Choice in Dallas about 5 years ago and had upper implants. I had this done on a Thursday, planning on returning to work Monday, not knowing how I would feel.

The Dallas office is very professional and one of the oral surgeons is also an M.D. I was very impressed with them and had absolutely no pain and I could have gone back to work the following day. My follow-up visits lasted for about a year. I was fitted with a temporary for the first few months and then the permanent toward the end of that year.

Prior to going to Clear Choice, I went to a prominent dentist, who also did cosmetic dentistry. He wanted to charge me $11,000 to do work on my teeth, that I knew would not last. My teeth were not worth saving, so I decided against paying out that much money for a temporary fix. I paid $23,000 for my upper implants and I am very pleased with the results and I have gotten a lot of compliments.

I am now ready to have the bottom done and I will definitely go back to them.

I wish everyone could have the experience I did. I would do it again in a second!

@Clear Choice Patient

can u please email me im from dallas im going to them for an implant and I'm worried

@Clear Choice Patient

Please email me about the dentists you mentioned, I am researching the best dentists for my situation.


One thing is clear from the above 'testimonial' - it uses a process called "article spinning". You can tell because of odd word choices, misspellings, and subtle topic deviations. Spinning uses a specialized software which basically re-writes a single generic article thousands of times. It replaces, rephrases, or rearranges words a few at a time. Each slightly altered writing becomes a new article. Those articles are then posted on thousands of different sites like this one.

When a search engine like Google notices that much activity on the same topic it falsely escalates the articles as being 'authoritative' because of similar content posted in so many places. That ranks the article higher in search engines and pushes it to the first page of searches for 'implants' or 'dentures'. The end result looks like thousands of people with similar experiences, all because of one article. Be careful what you believe. It isn't more true just because it appears more places.

Now did the original writer experience legitimate problems? More than likely yes. However, in deference to the dental professionals out there who either agree or disagree with the procedure, this is not a fair way to get out the message. I hope to never be in a situation where I feel compelled to tear out all my teeth, but if I do, I would like it to be done a little at a time.

Hopefully whether valid or not, Clear Choice will bring competition to the implant industry, and ultimately that will bring down the price of implants elsewhere. The implant procedure isn't simple, nor is it fast or painless whether you have them done one at a time or all at once. Implants aren't cheap, but there is also no way they are worth the $5,000 some places charge to have 1 or 2 teeth replaced. I feel sorry for those who have to endure any painful medical procedure and I'm also sorry for those who get poor dentures and talk with a permanent hissss in their consonants. Mostly I fee sorry for those folks who don't do their homework and only trust articles like this.


Sadly, many consumers/patients find out that what seems too good to be true often really is. And that there is no CHEAP, or EASY solution to replacing those missing teeth.

First, implant surgery is involved. And that means surgery--not a visit to the dentist. And patients need to hear that--exactly what is involved--not that it's a "walk in the park". Second, patients have come to expect "easy" solutions-- like "teeth in an hour".

But it just isn't that easy in most situations. Third, implants are expensive--no question about it! However, it pays to remember that much of implant dentistry comes as a result of YEARS of the patient's own neglect--rarely from some misfortune (like congenitally missing teeth). Fourth, never mind that people think this is "COSMETIC" (like microdermabrasion or some other "simple" or "quick" process).

Finally, even though a dentist may be involved--TO MAKE THE TEETH--implants are most definitely NOT cosmetic "dentistry". For folks who have seen 30 or 40 thousand dollar plans, just remember, each tooth (if you never had an implant and just tried to "fix" them all (with root canals, crowns, and bridges) would cost you about 3500 bucks. Multiply that times about 28 teeth and you come up with about 98 thousand. And some patients do it, never seeing the final bill til it's done, and never thinking about the longevity of that (nonimplant) work.

Work which may last 10 years.

So when it involves replacing nearly all teeth with implants, sometimes you have to compare costs. And you get what you pay for!


these people are scam artists. They want you to replace all your teeth or they are not interested in persuing the sale



As I read this website I couldn't help but be so thankful I chose Brueggen Dental Implant Center. I'm so sorry these stories are horrible!


Brueggen isn't a major corporation, he has 40 years of placing implants, so I feel fortunate after reading this website that i narrowly avoided the same thing. :cry


I went to Dr. Brueggen to he is an excellent dentist...Looks like you and I were the lucky ones.

I love my smile and regardless what all these others say about their experiences, He did mine in one day and presto.

It's been months now and i still stare at myself in the mirror. Ive had a flawless experience with implants.


Cool Beans! they called me on a Saturday asking if i was ready to schedule..

I told them I've had it done already and she got rude! Luckily I found this website and dont feel like im alone in this experience.


More advertizing? Stop this BS. Let the real patients post comments of their ordeals or successes


Jack How much were your implants?


Stop touting your own business - anyone could see the BS


Sorry about how this *** scam affected you. Their idiotic TV advertising is blasting loud, annoying, and disruptive!

Their *** commercials are a turn-off in itself, and I want to vomit every time I have to see that blonde grinning as I jump up to either switch to another channel, or turn the volume down. Shame, shame, on them for screwing people up.

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