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***If 20 or more patients or victims ban together and sue - its considered a class action lawsuit and will receive more priority in the legal system.*** I am a current 'patient' with Clear Choice (Dallas) and received a warm welcome when I first started my journey replacing my upper teeth about a year ago. I should have known this was a bad financial decision (which has caused physical harm on my quality of life) when I was woken up out of anesthesia during my procedure "4" times and left ALONE while I was under?!

Then to have bite marks on my left hand which caused blood & bite marks on my body?! Who was watching me while I was under anesthesia?! Now, add that I am struggling with memory issues at age 40!? I have paid over $20K CASH (out of my savings) to Clear Choice and struggle with unknown sharps of pains in my gums, poor workmanship as my left molar has since broken off as I was eating a Flintstone vitamin?!

And so forth as others have reported. Then they still want another $7K to complete the set?! No way!! I have been calling for over a month and the primary doctor who treated me is relocated to San Antonio (over 6 hours away).

I have an appointment next week with the principal doctor; however, the office has been hammering for the additional cash when I have been so unhappy?! The expectations were not clear and I really was not educated on what to and what not to expect from this process but it has not been a good experience and we are currently considering our legal options. During my research, I have found this website and reviewed the other patients' feedback and see a lot of similar poor business practices that have impacted my poor experience and left me in this horrible, uncomfortable and broke (literally) circumstance. Please contact me directly if this sounds familiar or you have experienced anything as I have as I believe (sadly) that there needs to be a lawsuit to assist patients / clients indemnify their losses at (972) 955-9200 or info@robustfinancial.com I am not an attorney - but I am an American and know these major corporations' are taking use average Americans to the cleaners - mentally, physically and financially.

What's wrong is wrong and what is right is right! Samantha T.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $21000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Overall experience and treatment, Being lied to about how much it was going to cost, Post surgery follow up, Reviews i read by some of their customers.

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i know the feeling. 55k for my upper and lower implants.

On my last visit the staff was more interested in me paying the rest of my balance before any more work is done. I admit i needed major dental work and CC seemed like the perfect place but i feel almost ashamed and dirty if that’s the proper term to use now knowing all they care about is the money. I had two implants fail and fall out which they acted like it was my fault. They put me under IV sedation for a very short time due to my sleep apnea and then used a local antesthetic and still want to charge me for the IV sedation i didn’t get.

I had bad pains from the failed implants and im 6 hrs away from the KC Clearchoice so i suffered awhile. i didn’t want dentures but now considering i’d have 50k dollars in my savings account i’d rethink it if i could. The oral surgeon i will say is a nice guy and down to earth and professional.

The other dr, prosthodontist is arrogant and money hungry and the staff always changes, must be very high turnover at this place. Staff isn’t very well trained either.


I opened this thread because the title was "class action lawsuit against Clear Choice" When I got here the only thing I found was a bunch of complaints. A complaint is all you will ever be.

to Anonymous #1692985

Not all of everybody is complaining dummy. There's a difference between complaining and calling out and confronting and customer that is lying and fabricating details. Looks like you need your mommy and your daddy to explain that to you!

to Anonymous #1693522

Exactly what I found, if there is going to be a class action lawsuit then someone needs to get off their *** and start one.

to Anonymous #1701174


to Anonymous #1703437

I agree. I’m still not happy after 2 years and $30,500 in cash!

to Anonymous #1703440

Unfortunately I can’t find a lawyer who will even touch this


Thank you for posting your experience with this company. You have my sincerest empathy with your dilemma & I hope that you do find an attorney to represent you to litigate on your behalf.

The info you posted is incredibly valuable to me and has guided me in another direction.

Thank you for your time and effort........................ Best to you, G


Clearchoice Dental Implant Centers are franchises. Your complaint should be directed to your provider.

to Anonymous #1673930

Exactly and anyone trying to start a lawsuit should start one or bail out.

to Anonymous #1681613

I agree as well. After paying $21,000 they should be listening to the person/patients concerns.

to Anonymous #1701292

i’m out 30k more than you are. They won’t listen to any complaints cause they already have our money which is all they care about. That was evident to me from day one.


Is there a class action lawsuit or not?


My screw covers are gone, is anyone going to help us or not. Why is this the only place for a law suit?


Do something to get us a law suit or let us know you are a pissed off customer who can't do s** t to help us. GD it already! What is your problem.

to Felicia #1661483

Nobody has too help anybody if they are lying and fabricating. We see and read about customers like this all of the time!

to Anonymous Clear Choice 2019-2020 #1698956

you obviously work for Clearchoice so your opinion is biased and meaningless.

to Anonymous #1701185

First off this is an public website. Second everybody is allowed to respond to anybody.

You're just mad and angry because people are calling out and confronting entitled customers that do lie and fabricate. People are always able to tell when this is going on.

to Anonymous #1701552

I am going to say something about this. Yes there are plenty of entitled people into the world.

But it is an two way street. Anybody is able to be mean and nasty to anybody.

Every employee and manager and customers needs to respect each other. Clearly there's always two sides to the story!

to Anonymous Clear Choice 2019-2020 #1701197

Clearly you need to understand that everybody needs to treat everybody with respect if they are employees or manager or customers. It's not an good look onto anybody to disrespect anybody!

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