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It is vital to note the the Clear Choice offices are individually operated, so a bad review for one location is irrelevant when assessing the capabilities of another office. I can only attest to my own experience with the location in Austin, TX.

I had the all on 4 procedure on the upper side only. The implants were placed and a temporary prosthesis was fitted. a few months later, one of the implants failed, and was replaced with the addition of a bone graft. The permanent prosthesis was fitted after the implants were fully bonded to the bone.

I have had a couple of instances of breakage of the prosthesis, which they have repaired at no charge. The latest instance of breakage, I was charged a nominal fee, although I know that I was told initially that this type of situation would be covered. Overall I feel this office has done an excellent job with the procedure, and I would do it again if I had to make a choice.

One concern that I have is that this office has had 4 different prosthodontists since I have been a patient, although I have had no complaints about their professionalism. Long story short, do your research before investing a large sum of money in any endeavor.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Procedure.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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The reason you have had 4 different prosthodontists is because once they make enough money from all the initial implants they move on and leave the issue of supporting the install base to someone else. The new person has to sell enough to newer patients to get the upfront money so they can pass it on to the next one.

If you think about it it is almost like a pyramid scheme. When I got it done there was nothing in the contract about a 5 year warranty. My initial Dr. moved on and now the new owner has to deal with repairing all the clients of the previous Dr out of their own pocket.

I wouldn't mind paying for repairs as long as it is reasonable. I have recently found out that they just fix the broken 'tooth' not create a whole new apparatus.

There shouldn't be to high a cost for this. Usually takes 2 hours.


I had my surgery in Portland Oregon. Dealing with corporate in Colorado they didn't care what I was going thru.

And was quite vandictive in giving my refund to finish the horrible job some place else.

As far as 4 different prosthodontists. That's why your apt card says you have an apt with clear choice no doctor name is on the card. Anyone with any morals or conscience wouldn't work for CC.

Moral People couldn't hurt people everyday day after day.

In Portland Or they go thru a lot of receptionist. Think of the angry calls they must have to answer.


I had the pleasure of dealing with clear choice Corporate in Colorado, after Portland Or refused to finish his awful job he started (he said he couldn't fix it) They refunded 2nd portion sent me a check for 5,000.00. 8 days later told me to throw that check away were sending you one for 4000.00.

We've redid the refund to include your 1000.00 initial apointment.

(Sad they seem to enjoy making it as hard for me as possible to move on) They did this after knowing how much ive been suffering since having my surgery. I've found both Portland Or & corporate in Colorado to be heartless and cruel.


I really feel sorry for all the people that have been ripped off but from what I see clear choice is not the only ones doing this. I went to a dental clinic in Honolulu and paid up front and ended up not getting what I paid for and they wanted me to pay more for what they did.

I ended up getting to a dental service that has clinics on all the islands and different locations.

For people that do not have insurance they have a insurance program with cleanings and check up included plus nice discounts on all their services. This is not a place that will give you a run around and they are up front with all their services so I feel totally comfortable with them


Read the complaints here... At least Clear Choice tells you upfront "how much their charges are".

PEOPLE! You ALL need to DO YOUR HOMEWORK and READ the COMPLAINTS before having your dental work DONE... Who is in fault with that?! You ARE!!

Everyone should use Wisdom and think VERY carefully before jumping into situations..

I read on here that a lady is UPSET that her teeth she had done at Clear Choice keeps breaking and Clear choice is charging her per tooth broken... Is this LADY THAT STUPID too think Clear Choice is going to do REPLACEMENTS FOR FREE... The STUPID *** should of asked questions (regarding tooth replacement and how much is it cost)... Is this Clear choices problem??!!

*** NO!!!! BEFORE she had Clear Choice do the procedure she should of had her questions written down.. EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THAT NO COMPANY REPLACES dental work for FREE... The TRUTH known, I am SURE this lady (with broken teeth) bit down on some hard foods...

STOP the whining!!!

People USE COMMON since!! Nothing is FREE TODAY...

to Tracy allen #1421396

I asked alot of questions. They lie.

They tell you what you want to hear in order to get your money.

Briana Peterson the one who sold me mine told me " you will be worry free for the rest of your life" The lady isn't stupid you are. The sad thing is that a business can operate by luring you in with lies

to Tracy allen #1501290

God, you're an illiterate moron...


It's important to know that people that write stuff here or attempt to right stuff here are FROM clear choice......we are all in to your b.s.

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