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My husband had a full set of dental implants. and based on his great results, I then had my lower teeth done also. I had 4 front teeth replaced with a prosthesis, and it never fit right, and the rest of my bottom teeth were all a problem, and dental work was just a nightmare. I am a TOTAL scardey cat-even had 3 babies at HOME I am so afraid of needles and surgery. The whole process was so fantastic-I have had my "new teeth" for 4 years now, and could not say enough good things about the process. It was fantastic.

But I will say more, because the Denver office, and Dr. Adams are just the most professional, polite, warm and caring people I have had the pleasure to have as physicians. Every step of the process was handled so completely, I had no questions. I am a TOTALLY satisfied customer.

I believe these "sour" reviews must be from their competition. They are ridiculous.

I was driven to write this after I made a casual search, and saw these "over the top" writings. They make NO sense to me. If you landed here you should go check it out for yourself.

Thankfully I found Clear Choice and do NOT have to suffer the pain and embarrassment of bad teeth. These folks know what they are doing, and they are doing it well.

People who write reviews, like the one I just read, who haven't even been to this office, much less had the procedure, should be ashamed.

And should not be permitted to post a review. But obviously your web site is here for "pissed off people." Wow. How about fair and honest?

Reason of review: You guys are great..

Clear Choice Pros: Dr adams and the whole staff.

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I also went to CC in Denver, I'm only in my 4th week. I had all of my teeth done , the people up there are amazingly nice and helpful to this point.

I'm not really happy with my temps but they know this and I have a nerve issue in my lower jaw, they also know this and I have a appointment to correct that too. I still get headaches but they are starting to slowly disappear.

I see people griping about the cost but to me it is totally worth it , I spend this much on a car why wouldn't I spend the same for my mouth, I use my mouth 24-7-365 my car not nearly as much. :) Even with the issues I have had so far I still think it will all be worth it in the end and would do it again !


Your an ***. People get ripped off and you think it all bs.

Maybe your a troll for cc!


I have been referred to CC and am paranoid about going now because of such negative reviews. I am referred from Texas.


That's great that you had a good experience and dentist but it is naive to think that there are not bad dentists/doctors out there. Thank God people who have been harmed can warn others so that others won't have to suffer as they have.


It would be nice if people would specify which Clear Choice they went to. Just like any "chain", there are ones that are run by people who care, and ones that are not.

Also, the majority of negative feedback I see has to do w/ price...

you wouldn't leave negative feedback for BMW or Mercedes just because you can't afford one! I think we're living in a world where there are too many people that will find something to *** about no matter what the circumstances are.