Poughkeepsie, New York

I had my upper and lower done early February this year 2011. If I would have known the amount of pain and suffering I would not have had it done.

They make it seem like it is no big deal. They didn't tell me that I would be uncomfortable and in pain for a year or so; they told me this on my six week check up. My face gets numb a lot they told me that was normal. You will have to live on advil or aleeve for a long time.

When I went back for my six week check up they told me that there will always be a gap between the teeth and gum that's not how they presented it when I went for the interview. I have to water pick my teeth every time I eat because the food gets under the teeth and causes pain. I have two scars on my upper lip where I guess they tore the skin when they did the surgery. I am not sure what to do about that yet.

I am going to the dermatologists to see what he has to say about it. The teeth look ok but not sure what to do about all the pain and numbing of face. Sometime I get some sharp pains in my face. When I talked to them about all of this they make me feel like what is the big deal but I am miserable all the time can't go anywhere to eat because I need to run home and water pick my teeth.

I would make sure that you look at all options. I am so sorry that I spent all this money to be in so much pain and to be miserable all the time.

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I am so glad I read these comments. I went in for the free consultation, and the SECOND I went in, I got a bad vibe....felt like I was on an assembly line.

The "consulatant" told me I had to have ALL my teeth extracted(what???)another red light. He isn't even a Dr., and he's telling me this. Noticed he left the speakerphone on whenever he left the room..red light...When I ASKED him to give me and my spouse a minute, I noticed he finally turned off the speakerphone. When we saw that, we called him back in, and told him we did not want to waste anymore of our time, his time or a Dr's time and we declined the service.

The friendly smile left his face. He then offered a partial implant procedure(so all my teeth didn't have to be extracted afterall).

Thanks, but no thanks! Do not confuse Clear Choice with Lenscrafter..they cannot and should not be able to give you a bright smile in one day


Patietns need to be aware of what they are choosing when they have these types of proceedures done. Clear Choise is really not a CLEAR CHOISE!

There are many qualified periodontists and oral surgeons who will provide quality care and appropriate dental implant treatment. These specialists work with general dentists and prosthodontists to give thier patietns comfortable and beautiful smiles. Clear Choise, and those clinics like it, are dental implant mills that sell people on the idea that if they have all of their teeth pulled out, they can then have implants placed and teeth put on them on the same day. Patients will find no long term care that is provided after they have this treatment.

As a patietn, you must be your own advocate. Ask questions! Before you choose to have all of your teeth pulled out, ask your dentist what you should do and for a referral to a periodontist or an oral surgeon who they work with and trust.

Do not think that you will get cheep, fast results without consequences. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

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