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My husband and I went for the consultation at clearchoice and we were told that we were good candidates for the implants due the the results of the hightech CT Scan that they bragged on...but thank God we had a 2nd opinion. The 2nd dentist did x-rays and told us from the get go there is no way that we should have implants put in our mouths until we first deal with the gum disease or the implants would not take.

I knew my gums were bleeding at times and I had some bridge work that needed to be taken out...clearchoice never said anything about my gums, they were just ready to take out the bad teeth and put the implants in...same thing with my husband, the 2nd dentist recommended that my husband start out with dentures that could be implanted, therefore already having in place some of the screws and then "maybe" for 3mos. or until his mouth is totally healed.

You don't want to deal with a company that is obviously just about the money and not your health. We are not mad at them, you have to be wise in your decisions.

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From my experience with Clear Choice, the CT scan was used to view the bone structures to determine if grafts were necessary, so they could provide an accurate treatment cost. My first evaluation in the chair was complete tooth-by-tooth oral exam including more *** wing x-rays.

I was referred back to my general dentist to have fillings done.

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