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I spent 25,000 on bottom implants and upper dentures, after a year of wearing " temporary" implants and dentures, when the final product was inserted, dentures made me *** food would not cut or tear when chewed. After 2 re scheduled visits to correct the problem, Clear Choice doctor sai" We will work with you for an upper set of implants, and maybe we can do it at cost.

I replued, "that would be great." Almost 2 weeks later, Clear Choice called and told me that they would do the upper implanrs for a whopping $1,000. less than the bottom implants...24, 000...thats cost?? I was eating everything when i went there with partials, now, i can only eat soft ffods, and i still cannot wear my dentures.DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

This place is a BIG SCAM for lots of YOUR hard earned money. Clear Choice could care less, once they have yoyr $$$$.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had upper n lower 4on1 implants n denture. They look good just don’t feel good.

I’m starting to see my implants thru my jaw. I’m loosing my gum line n lost my lips n smile. I was told they will last me my life time but that was a lie. I feel like for some reason I’m loosing my jaw bone.

I go for cleanings every 6 months that cost $300.00 out of pocket. I try to let them know about my concerns but they tell me it looks fine.


yeah for what they charge the cleanings should be included. When they gave me my mouth guard the dr said don’t lose it cause it’s 500$ to replace. i was like wtf $500 for a couple dollars worth of silicone that’s nothing special.


File a complaint with your State Medical Licensing Board. Most states allow you to file online.

Maybe you can get some of your money back. File the complaint.