Started with Clear Choice dental in July 2012. From the beginning, I was excited and anticipating not dealing with my life long issues of teeth missing since birth.

It took a short time for them to convince me the $20,000 would be well spent. : -( I have had nothing, and I meant nothing but problems with them since the beginning. Once you've begun, there's no turning back since all of your teeth are out! Wrong size teeth, biting my skin, wrong size teeth a second time, 2 hours in waiting room over and over and over again.

Tears in the office to the Dr. yelling at me...all for 19 months!! Finally in Dec. 2013 I received my "permanent" teeth...still not perfect but I am not going back anymore!

I'm sure they are reputable and maybe I'm a exception. I hope so~

just my thoughts on Clear Choice Dental St Louis.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Service.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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Salem, Oregon, United States #1322318

No, you are not alone. I just had All on 4 surgery 4 days ago and it was a hellish experience !!!

Severe pain, treated roughly and rudely with no regard for my pain. Now that I am home 4 days later, swelling is down so it is so obvious what a shoddy job was done on temp teeth. Hurry up, Shove em' in and get the *** out so on to the next one. Huge overbite on top, HUGE !!!

Teeth are ridiculous, nothing like my in were. Crooked!!!

Just pathetic for $48,500. RIP OFF !!!


you are not an exception, lots of bad reviews, about clearchoice offices everywnere, I also am living a nightmare having implants placed both upper and lower all on 4s, pressure, and burning at the implant sites, metallic taste in my mouth, after I talk all day at my job I feel horribly sick to my stomach, like I'm being poiskned, you are not an exception, just a part of all of us that are living a nightmare, stay away from clear choice every where.


20,000 for upper and lower ? Or 40,000 all together?

to Tanya #842418

20 for both

to Anonymous #1085779

Wow... I paid $38,000 for my full mouth of AO4.

So far my experience has been nothing short of amazing.

Sorry yours wasn't/isn't. Still don't understand how you got such a deal though!?!

to Anonymous #1432055

I just had my permanents put in a the end if January....cost $40,000.00...It was a great decision for me. They look great and I get lots of compliments on my smile.

I am sorry for those of you that had a bad experience.

For me, Dr. Pappas and his team were great.

to Tanya #1100476

upper only

to Tanya O Fallon, Missouri, United States #1310566

just upper

to Tanya #1423403

I paid $ 58,000.00 for all on 4 top & bottom.

In Portland Oregon

The job was done poorly. They refunded $ 20,000

Told me to find someone else to fix it.


I do believe they are not professional for in this science just business people ... Mastered how to get your money from you! Be cautious !!!


I too was all ready for this to end many year of trouble with the teeth I was born with, Once they get your money The tables turn , you see after they get your 1000.00 down payment . Then you see how the place operates ,they run ads ,commercials to bring in many more unsuspecting to their sales pitch .

HURRY HURRY HURRY is their tactic.

When you see where this is going ,and learn more about the quality of teeth in the finished product , etc. And want out They will keep your 1000.00 down payment .

to Anonymous #838232

That is true. They want your money and not interested how they will satisfy clients.

to Anonymous #1100359

It's true they keep the $1000, but they tell you this before you give them the money. It's your choice to have the exam.

If you go with exam and decide not to have procedure they keep 1000y and if you decide to have procedure that 1000 is credited towards your procedure which they explain all this before you give them a dime are at least in Houston.

Tx. They do.

to Anonymous #1310525

In Houston, Texas

Dr. Aldo Sordelli will fix your teeth.

to Anonymous Salem, Oregon, United States #1322319

Consider yourself lucky to have only lost $1000. Try paying $48,500 and have the AO4 and the experience and results are devastating and I'm stuck with it and I'm out $$$$ too !!!

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