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After speaking with Lance ONE time initially, I was pawned off to someone beneath him 3 different times without warning, due to these junior lawyers quitting/getting fired.I was litigating for $6k in child support I had to pay until a boy turned 18.

Lance assured me it would be a $3k case closed max uncontested. After I was in too deep it had eventually grow to $9k to squash $6k, not to mention my time. This expert was off by 300%! What a waste, after a so called win on the child support, the support would have been easier to pay the $341 a month to the end.

Now I pay the lawyer in $500 installments, still get dinged for a $30 late fee and interest each time! I could understand being off the mark even as an experienced lawyer by $1k for a $3k case but triple what I was told?

I did not plan on spending more than 3k to NET 3k.I really was deceived by this law firm and lost $6k+ even though it was win from an non contesting party that didn't even use a lawyer!

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6 of 6 Claery And Green reviews

Mar 23, 2016 #1132883

The worst decision I made when I was fighting for custody Aaron Treadway was horrible, got sanctioned and I had to pay, and then made numerous legal errors that should have never happened. If you have to go to court do NOT use this law firm.

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May 29, 2015 #989331

This firm is a complete joke. They take weak and broken people and take any bit of dignity left. This firm is the reason attorneys get bad names. They literally took food of my child's table. SHAM ON THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mar 14, 2015 #958282 Mountain View, California, United States

They are Cleary a Scam!! I'm not going to go into specific details about my case ,but all I will say is I spoke to Lance one time, he gave my case to a very in experienced lawyer and I went through 4 of them because they kept quitting. I Lost my case and my daughter because of the lack of experience. DO NOT HIRE THEM!!!! YOU WILL LOSE!!! Thanks for making this site. It is the only way we can get back at what they are doing. It's flat out wrong what they are doing to hard working people!!

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Mar 16, 2013 #623867 Los Angeles, California, United States

I agree with the negative comments I have read here. I dealt with Aaran Treadway from Claery & Green, LLP. When this guy makes his way around the courtroom, you have to be careful not to walk directly behind him as there is a trail of slime, and you might slip and fall. He blatantly lied, cheated, and stole in a child custody case; it was clear he would do anything to win. Luckily, the judge was not fooled by him and sent him on his way a little less arrogant. Ethics classes are a must for this law firm.

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Jan 24, 2013 #598389 Los Angeles, California, United States

you do NOT want this firm to represent you!!!!!!!!
I got them to help me with my devorce almost 2 year ago and my devorce got finalize not long ago.I was told i was going to pay,$789.00 dollars no more to finalize my divorce, it was a simple case i was told by "jannnifer,there attorne". I felt like they were my exwife attorney, that how bad it was.
there attorneys are always resigning or getting fierd!!
I andit up paying more then $5000 leglal fees.
you never speak with your attorney only hes paralegal never update on your case but there accounting dep, its great!!!
they will email you,send you statements,phone calls to collect any fees you need to pay.
if there attorneys would work as hard as there collection dep.
they would be a great firm.
do NOT hierd this people!!!!!!!!!!!!
they will suck you dry and will not get things done.
your better off representing your self.

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Jan 16, 2015 #932182 Lancaster, California, United States

My boyfriend went through the same experience with these leaches. He was initially told he would pay no more than $5000 and 2 years later they have done NOTHING to help...they have just drug the case out as long as they could to bill him as much as they could...he now owes them $24,000 and the case is still gone nowhere. These people are scam artist just out to take your money....DO NOT HIRE THEM. THEY NEED TO BE SUED. Your story is almost identical to his.

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Dec 03, 2012 #577430

Thank you for posting your comments. I contacted the company this morning asking if they could help me in my case and they were so expedient to send me forms for my signature. Upon waiting for the forms I decided to look up reviews on them and found this page. I am deeply saddened to hear the losses for all these other consumers and have decided to not hire this company based on these recent negatory accusations. Thank you for your posts. I will continue on my journey of finding some other legal counsel. Sincerely,

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Nov 26, 2012 #574128

I had the same negative experience: initial interview was great, my case was transferred through four "associates" in three months, was billed an hour of "work" each for one-line emails that were repeatedly sent to me that were unwarranted (such as confirming a scheduled hearing date, or just asking how I'm doing), ad nauseum. One of the associates was transferred to my case just prior to the court date, and only spoke to me once, when calling from a party (his statement) the night before the hearing. They managed to completely ruin an easy case by doing absolutely no research, and I was billed several hours work each time my case was transferred so that the new associate could review my case to become familiar. My final counsel did not even speak during the hearing, and only met with me to take notes while the hearing was delayed - the judge even made comments as to the poor representation. I would've saved $20k, and had better results, if I'd simply gone pro se. STAY AWAY FROM THIS FIRM!

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Oct 25, 2012 #559909

And from what I have seen on another consumer website, I am definitely not hiring this firm. everybody has the same story of multiple case transfers to the newbies revolving through the firm and being charged 20 minutes for sending a fax or reading a 1 sentence email and stamping letters.

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Oct 25, 2012 #559905

#5 Tanika,
3000 to 9000 is 333% difference than what was promised.

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Oct 24, 2012 #559739

:eek :upset
wow - it is happening to me also. 5 days to sign a retainer agreement!
Stay away.

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Jun 27, 2012 #502735

I agree with him.
The most horrible and ridiculous experience I've had with a law firm.

My lawyer Aaron was the greenest, most beginner lawyer I've ever known. He had no clue about divorce law. Every time something came up he had to look up online or talk to a co-worker. At the very end after the OSC (Order of Show Cause) I found out he had asked my ex's lawyer for advice and training. He had admitted to her that he had never studied divorce law. I also found out he had been acting. Yes, he is a good actor and sells you his BS very well. He talks you into spending more money with them. He should have stayed in that industry. He calls you every day and sends you emails about nothing just to grow my bill. I paid over $10,000 for my divorce and got nothing out of it. What he did a paralegal could have done it for me for less than a $1,000. They gave me this "discounted" $185/hr special price (now I know why). My ex paid way less than me and her lawyer's rate was $485/hr.

Now about the firm. It took me over a month and several phone calls to cancel my contract with them. Every time I called they wouldn't cancel it and would give me an excuse that the person who does it is off today or is having lunch and would never call me back later. They are so not helpful when you want to leave. Although they seem very professional when you are signing up.

This was the biggest mistake of my life! Be careful with them! I feel like a fool
... Show more

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Mar 17, 2012 #450632

I actually got very good representation. Lance Cleary took a lot Of time to really listen to me. He actually cared about what I was going through. Mr. Claery helped me stop the vicious treatment I was getting from my employer. He was aggressive. Although he told me he didn't like that word for attorneys. He said his firm was "proactive.". Whatever you want to call it, it worked. I got a fair settlement and felt the best one could in such a situation and even feel like my previous employer saw what they did wrong. And last thing: the girls at his firm were so nice. I can't imagine hearing otherwise... Peace. :)

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ripped off myself by C & G...

Dec 17, 2012 #582865 Los Angeles, California, United States

Let me guess, you yourself are one of the "so nice" girls working for this bogus and "proactive" law firm - it's obvious ...silly girl..tricks are for kids

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Aug 12, 2014 #855289

Lance graduated from a very little-known law school in San Diego. He was able to obtain this facade of a great office space and, thus, intimating high-regard, by the money his parents supplied. Now, I'm not suggesting he sucks as a lawyer, but these "high-rent" offices which they occupy have to be paid for somehow. BTW, Lance Clearly is Clearly ***...I know because he wanted me to break up with my (then current) boyfriend to be with HIM. Sorry to out you Lance. Hope you have at least stopped smoking as it is making your gorgeous face appear withered faster than it should You had the sexiest, most-defined, and most-admirable upper arms of any man on Earth.

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Upset Consumer

Feb 24, 2012 #436710

I agree with this guy. This lawfirm is a freaking joke. They pawned me off to 5 different lawyers within a span of 10 months. That is a new lawyer within 2 months during the 10 months. I also was told other things that were not true and they lied about everything they were doing for me and charged me for things I DID NOT ASK FOR. I have saved all emails from them to prove that what they did was wrong. If anyone has issues with this law firm email me at ok. I would like to talk with you more and see if your issues were like mine. Possible class action law suit if you ask me.

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Mar 13, 2013 #622447

I did not have a good experience with this company. Overall, I feel like they took advantage of me and just wanted the full retainer that I paid plus more. I got the initial call from Lance Claery, and he sells his firm well. However, the people you really deal with seem inexperienced to say the least. My lawyer Arran Treadway put me on hold with each phone call (longer phone call more money). He rescheduled my court date the night before because he lived too far to make it to court at 8am. I had to call him at 5pm to find out what I needed the next morning, and that is when he told me the different time. I am a single mom who works full time, and I had this court time set for months. Arran had no care in the world how this change affected me, nor did he call to see if that change would even work for my schedule. I had to scramble to reschedule the babysitter and push my meetings at work. Oh, and yes I got charged for his phone call to court to change due to his commute. Then to top it off he showed up late for our court time! He walked in with a pompous attitude, and quite frankly my ex's lawyer practically ate him alive. Every time I spoke to him since hiring him it was as if he had no clue about my case, and when my ex lied about his income in court Arran had no idea how to handle it. When I asked if he proved his income, Arran jumped up asking for income tax statements. My ex's lawyer would not give them to him, and he sat down defeated and OK with it. Save yourself... Show more

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Sep 13, 2011 #343524

learn math is not 300% difference is 100%

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Great professional

Jun 15, 2011 #298965

Give me a break! This is a great guy and a great firm. Boo.

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Jun 04, 2011 #294462

surprising to hear- I had a wonderful experience getting advice and help.

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