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It's the first online "program" I bought, intrigued by all the grandiose claims on its sales page. Turned out this $700 price tagged item is 49 self-help articles with mp3 read-aloud summarized from all the most popular success / life gurus with some of the author's personal life illustration and very unstructured worksheets.

Completely *** me off that I got ripped off this way. And its online members' forum?

95% dead.

For anyone considers spending on Christine Kane's Uplevel You programs, you should know this above info that I wished I had known before I paid.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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Did Christine Kane have permission from those people to sell and use their material? She is known for stealing others' work and if she is not licensed to use those programs then she is guilty of theft of IP and copyright infringement, as well as criminal fraud and grand theft.


I know this may have been true in 2016 but I've now complete Uplevel Your Business and Vision Board Pro. I'm also a member of the new Uplevel Cafe and I can tell you that they have more than exceeded every expectation. I'm not sure which program that you purchased but I couldn't disagree more.


If you took the Becoming 360 program you should know that it is stolen content and Christine Kane already has numerous cease and desist letters for theft of intellectual property. Her UpLevel Cafe also includes stolen content from other business coaches, authors, and bloggers.


Very frustrating, as I was considering Christine's programs. Dang it,,,,, who can you trust?

Mary Morrissey is another one that has some bad reports. Getting disillusioned.


I had an incredible experience with her and I keep going. Both my finances and my life have improved in immeasurable ways. I am totally grateful to her.


Read more about these "gurus" and their overpriced programs here



I am currently going through this program for a forth time. Each time I have grown and learned something new.

I appreciate the structure of the program, and have found wonderful support and some lifelong friendships through this program. You get back what you put in. You have to do the work and engage, and you have to choose to make the time.

I am a mother and a business owner. It's not an insurmountable task.


Ok ... so I bought the program

missed the refund deadline before it even started (refund is from purchase date, not receiving date - ugh)

I ended up following the program

Interesting - but life changing? hmmmm

Well, frankly, most of the information is available out there alrady - what she does is to supposedly motivate you to work daily on exercises for self-discovery and participate in a private Facebook group.

The only problem with that is when I started to fall behind (who can commit to 4 hours per day to do the work - when you have a job and family?)

it became somewhat, well, depressing and I was simply told to wait a few weeks and the 7 week course would "start again" ...


Christine, how about a chapter on how to follow your program?



I did the program....and know that there is complete money-back guarantee. The ads say exactly what you get so its not a fraud.

I learned about Christine from a pro songwriter who writes with her; I respect his judgment (he's from The Bronx--not a big New Age center. The work helped me move forward when I needed to, but if it wasn't worth it to you, then you should have just gotten a refund. How to live life well is not hard to figure out...Buddha pretty much covered it and religions and gurus and psychologists and coaches have rephrased it through the centuries...somebody says what we need to hear and they say it how and when we need it and it works. Sometimes that someone is ourselves.

CK wasn't the voice you needed. If you gave her program a shot, then get your money back.


i read well and have tried those "write down what do you what to be, do, have"; "positive daydreaming"; "setting intention for your day" steps. will post some out for you to judge so everyone can see its so-so blog-quality articles branded as "49-day uplevel you program".


awww THAT's interesting. that program has a 20-day refund policy but having purchased it on, say, 1 Jan, the program only begins on like 18 Jan, leaving me with only 3-5 days max to "test it out".

i thought it being rash to shout "refund!" with only a few days.

after being immersed in it, i increasingly found myself not being served in any significantly meaningful way that it doesn't expect the readers with more intelligence. *** annoyed and i believe i won't be the only one feeling this way.


I actually agree with you.

I bought the program at Thanksgiving (a special price) ... and it didn't start until New Years ... well past the money-back guarantee point.




Did you ask for a refund? Many of these programs have a refund policy. Ask and you'll get it.

Secondly, did you try any of the steps? Sounds like you didn't know what you were buying.

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