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I purchased Summer Camp for my 8-year old daughter, provided by "Chernomoretz Queens Fc Inc" - for 8 weeks (from 7/5 thru 8/27), total amount of $4,160.00.

This is active Summer camp with exercises, physical activities and soccer practices.

My daughter was in the Summer camp for 2 weeks - from 7/5 thru 7/16. On 7/15, my daughter was pushed by other kids in the camp, she fell and hurt her foot. She also had bruises on her back.

She pointed out that incident to employees of "Chernomoretz Queens Fc Inc", there was no response.

We picked up our daughter on 7/16, she complained about pain in the foot, screaming from pain.

We took her to Emergency Room of the Cohen Children's Medical Center on 7/18, Xray showed broken bone.

Right away, we contacted "Chernomoretz Queens Fc Inc" to inform that our daughter is un-able to return to the camp.

Our daughter had appointment with Surgeon on 7/23 and 8/14, next appointment is on 9/25.

She was wearing special shoe to keep her toe still.

Doctor wrote a letter that our daughter is unable to perform physical activities, and we felt that it is safer for her to heal at home.

I am seeking to get the difference in the amount of $3,120 from "Chernomoretz Queens Fc Inc".

We contacted the owner, who left very rude and ambiguous voicemail, he refused a refund.

Hence, we are seeking for your help to get reimbursement.

User's recommendation: Beware of "Chernomoretz Queens Fc Inc" - it is a ripoff !!!

Location: Queens, New York

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