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On Sunday Aug 28th I went to visit Versailles and had a terrible experience due to the huge lack of professionalism of two of the staff members.

It began almost immediately after entering the palace. I had a small coffee in my hand and as I entered no one said anything about throwing it away.

As my husband and I walked down the row of the kings apartments one of the staff members in uniform came up to me and told me that drinks were not allowed in this area. I said I was happy to throw it away but there were no trash cans in the area. He told me again that drinks were not allowed and told me I needed to get rid of it immediately. I said again that it wasn’t a problem, I offered it to him and told him he could take it away from me.

He refused to take it and got aggravated that I was offering it to him. He then told me because there wasn’t any trash cans nearby that I needed to drink the coffee immediately, I told him it was a full cup of coffee and I didn’t want to chug the entire cup of hot coffee.

He then told me to put it in my purse, which was not possible as it was a full cup of coffee that 1) would not fit in my purse and 2) even if it did would spill inside.

After this I again offered it to him and told him he could take it away from me.

He then got angry and aggressive and told me that I would have to leave the section of the museum immediately to get rid of the coffee cup.

He then proceeded to angrily call me a piece of trash. At this point my husband stepped in and told him to calm down – that we would go get rid of the coffee right away. He then turned to my husband and called him a piece of sh*t.

At this point we were completely appalled by this aggressive mean tone, it felt completely unnecessary as we were trying to comply and get rid of the coffee cup!

We spoke between us and agreed that we should file a complaint with the Versailles administration as there was no reason to insult us over this. So we asked for his name and he refused to tell us what it was, at that point my husband decided since he wouldn’t give us his name that he would take a picture of the man’s ID badge. The man once again got very angry, he covered up his ID badge (as you can see in the photos attached), refused to show us his ID or name and yelled at us to leave and threatened to call the security.

We were completely shocked and shaken from this altercation so we left the area as quickly as we could. On the way out of this area I went up to an old woman also working there and asked her what that mans name was, she didn’t speak much English but she also refused to tell us who he was.

After we had a little bit of time to ourselves we discussed how important it would be to report this man’s actions, we thought if he was so worried about us having his name or ID number that he might have done this before and may very well be rude and aggressive like this to other tourists again.

We agreed that even if we didn’t have his name, then at least we could take his picture so we could attach it to our email complaint that we planned to send to the Versailles administration.

So I went back and quickly took a picture of him. Needless to say I certainly regret taking that photo now because upon seeing this the man flipped out and started yelling at me. He told the woman not to let me leave, at this point my mistake was that I should have just stayed there and waited for security – but I was scared and shaking with stress from the situation, that he got so angry over taking a photo, so I started walking away.

The woman who was there runs after me. She first tries to block my way but then when I walk past her she physically grabs my arms and tries to stop me from leaving.

At this point I told her not to touch me and started going quicker towards my husband, who was maybe 10 feet away. As I approached my husband she again chased after me and again physically assaulted me by grabbing my arms, I pushed her arms away and this time yelled “don

T touch me!!” – But AGAIN she tried to lunge at me and grab me. My husband saw this all happen and stepped in front of the woman saying multiple times not to touch me as she was still trying to get to me.

After my husband stepped in she finally stopped. Security came after this and escorted us all downstairs.

I am a woman that has long nails and it turned out that when I pushed her away the second time I had scratched her arms with my nails, this was completely by accident as she was aggressively grabbing onto my arms and I was trying to get her off, I never meant to hurt her and had nothing against this woman.

I told the security guards that they could watch the security cameras to see exactly what happened, as I was never trying to be aggressive but only trying to get away from a stranger who was grabbing onto me.

But nevertheless this turned into a whole affair having to provide statements and stand around in offices for multiple hours. The security guard and police officer we talked to agreed this was a ridiculous situation and apologized that we had to deal with it. They recommended that we file complaints with the management at the palace against both employees. After all this, we didn’t get out until almost 6pm! So our entire day at Versailles got ruined, we got insulted, yelled at and physically assaulted all because I was carrying a coffee cup.

It seemed like nothing would be done in regards to these two people – so I wanted to make sure the internet knows how employees at Versailles are willing to treat their patrons. I’ve attached the photos of the two individuals who did this, as you can see in the photos they are hiding their ID badges because they know they did something wrong. I truly hope someone at the Versailles administration sees this and can figure out who these people are.

UPDATE: The photo where the woman turned hers around it showed a tag with an ID number of D230 and zooming in on another photo her name shows as LUK Veronique. I have sent all this information to Versailles admin and the tourism board – so I will update this again if anything is done by them about this matter.

REMEMBER: The insults, the physical assault - This all happened because of a single cup of coffee.

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