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Fake of course. They sent me a bogus check and tried to push me to send money via "Western Union" before the check cleared. Bogus bull here. Also who has a company that has aol as an email host? Isn't it suppose to be along the lines of RandyOxford.CMS.org or ROxford@***.org?? Nice try, Don't trust a check by assuming its real. Wait for it to clear, have a bank verify it. Don't deposit in your account!! You could try cashing it at checks cashed.

Stay clear and away from these email addresses and company,

Market Force, Certified Marketing Services INC



Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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I received a check from them and I cleared in my bank and I went forward with my assignment. Easiest $ I ever made


SCAM ALERT.....Do not trust these people!!!

I was contacted about a mystery shopper job....which I did not respond to..with a few days of that email I received a check in the mail immediately followed by an email that told me to cash the check and keep some of it and Western Union the rest to another person to which they gave me the name and address for!!!

I called the Federal Trade Commission and the USPS to file complaints!! According to the postal service this is a fraud!!!

I also spoke with the company that was listed on the check and they said that they had been used as part of this scam about a year ago and they had people from all 50 states that had received these checks from Certified Marketing Services!!!! WATCH OUT!!!


You weren't dealing with Market Force but rather with a scammer using the Market Force name to gain your trust.