It's a sun-shiny day, and though the power went out twice, there was no reason for it. We had a rain and wind event the evening before and fully expected the power to go out, and it didn't, there is no reason to expect it now when there is no wind, blue sky and sun!

About 30 years ago, this was a company that could be relied upon to do their jobs and do them well.

However, I don't know what happened, but they have taken a nose dive; they can't keep the lights on under the best of conditions.

The meteorologists at the various television stations are always giving them a pass, or assuming everyone who has been through this time and time again is a mental defective and feel the need to advise people of the possibility of power outages.

Really? This is the 21st Century; step into it and act accordingly.

User's recommendation: There is no recommendation; they're the only game in town; maybe they shouldn't be.

Location: Lewiston, Maine

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