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How can I get new cartridge labels.

I ordered 4boxes of .22 cal. WRF ammo and received it today.

Extremely happy with the ammo but sender covered entire boxes with a product label which destroyed your CCI package label on each box.The ammo is to be used in a display and gift to my grandsons (Winchester model 1890).

I'm really upset that I am unable to show your product properly for others to see or for my family to use for future ammo purchases. Please send to me 4 product labels to replace the damaged ones upc 0766********

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by #1843286

Unfortunately, cci-ammunition.com does not provide any information on you can order new cartridge labels online. However, you may find the nearest CCI Ammo dealer and ask for assistance with your issue. You may also contact CCI Ammo Customer Support at (800) 379-1732 (toll-free) Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CT to speak with the company customer support representative.

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