I spent 12 years in therapy with Dr. McFarr, ending in August 2015.

My main complaint is that she fostered dependency--we exchanged 1582 emails in one year alone (and that does not include texts and emails to my former work account). When I recently emailed to request my progress notes from Dr. McFarr (I was hoping to discover what went awry in our therapeutic relationship), at first she told me that I had to meet with her to gain access. Given how things ended, I did not want to do that and asked if it were a legal requirement and she responded "and ethical." (It is not a legal requirement, by the way).

I then narrowed my request to anything I had signed and intake/termination dates.

At this point, Dr. McFarr emailed, providing me with an intake date and the final date of treatment. She also told me that my notes/chart/documents had been "accidentally" shredded by clerical staff. I do not believe this was an accident as I had sent Dr.

McFarr an email in 2016 detailing what I believed to be mistakes in my treatment. That my records would be "accidentally" shredded after that strains credulity.

In our emails, Dr. McFarr also insinuated that she terminated and restarted treatment more than once, despite never telling me treatment was terminating. And despite repeated requests for ALL dates of termination, she is refusing to give them to me.

Why does this matter?

In California, a provider is required to keep notes/documents/charts for 7 years after the date of termination. If the client does not know when treatment is terminated, s/he does not know when the clock starts ticking on the seven years.sStsa

User's recommendation: Stay away.

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