A year ago I bought what was supposed to be a toy Aussie from Gerri Stanfill in Terrebonne, Oregon.

She sold me the dog for $800 and had me sign a contract that I would have him neutered before he turned 1 year old. In exchange for doing that she would reduce the price of the dog to $700 and refund the $100 difference to me.

I had him neutered before he turned 1 yr old and when I emailed Gerri for the refund her response was 'I do not know what you are talking about. I have never ever given a refund or talked about a refund in all the years I have been raising dogs'

I reminded her about the contract and her response was 'send me a copy of the contract'.

So I sent her a copy of the contract and her next response was 'received the copy of your contract, and it does state the time period that you should neuter.

He was a year old on January 24th, way past the time frame in the contract.' <--All perfectly well and good...but I had the dog neutered on Jan. 9th!

I emailed her back and told her so and haven't heard a word back from her.

So I sent her a certified letter and guess what?....nothing, nada, zilch.

I would warn anyone who thinks about doing business with her. From my experience, her word is as worthless as her contracts.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Location: Kennewick, Washington

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The reason you haven’t heard from her is because she died. Shove your attitude up your ignorant *** where the sun don’t shine. Your an idiot and she never would have agreed to those terms had she not been fighting for her life during that time.


Gerri died of cancer a couple years ago. Might have been her daughter Dawn you were dealing with.

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Was not her daughter Dawn. Look at the date of the post. 2013.


I know this lady and she is located in Terrebonne Oregon, not Kennewick.

She's a rude one to deal with and probably never intended to refund your money in the first place.

I warn everyone I know about her.

Shyrl Ghg
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No need to continue bashing her since she has passed on from this life. She may have seemed rude, but she never meant to be.

It was her way of communicating. She raised some amazing dogs in her lifetime.

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Yes she sure did. She never meant to be rude.

As you said that’s just how she communicated.

She worked very hard to raise outstanding dogs with good disposition and temperament. Thank you for your kindness.

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Have some respect for the deceased.