A lady passed away a month ago and it was kind of Covid related because since March we have been on lockdown. Its hard to address issues as a group with no group meetings.

There are new residents who feel or act orphaned because they need direct support. The LCSW has been very good but their hours were cut. Some are no longer working due to cutbacks at temp agencies. The ladies who have been here a long time are sometimes the meanest, like chasing people out of the kitchen, yelling at them, or twofacedness real sugary with the staff and headgames with peers.

The coordinator here is well intentioned but susceptible to favoritism because of common class bonds.

She is lucky to be what might be considered an exceptional protected learning class. With no library open it can be demoralizing listening to the beastly sounds day & night from upstairs timed and located with crafty predictability.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Catholic Charities DC Pros: Customer care, Church, Transition, Work program.

Catholic Charities DC Cons: Covd19, Loud and confused.

Location: 801 Buchanan St Ne, Washington, DC 20017

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If SW doesnt want to address issues or sweep them under rug thats kind of superficial. Its like rushing to get the house on zoom video conferencing.

How secure is zoom. I bet just like Fb its insecure. What we say will become their creative content just like how Fb reuses photos.

It would be much easier and safer to hold ftf meetings in small groups. There are other ways to prove you are becoming more technologically proficient such as subscribing to less trashy trade magazines and instead to quality magazines like popular science, national geographic, CS monitor, smithsonian, faith, mary knoll, catholic digest, magnificat, sew news etc.


Most of the shelters and transitional including this place are receiving HUD funds so this is why what's described here can be public information. The trend is using these pet populations to leverage in private public partnerships for redevelopment corporations.

It's an open secret and one such is the community partnership. I mention this one because it masks as data analysis on homeless pops but the number of staff begs the question. One gal there has same unusual last name as our new director. That gal might be the directors niece but her bio proudly states her background in real estate.

Now I recall many realtors love driving fancy cars as they take clients on home tours. Well the new director told us she had an ext background in public service but I think she means public-private service since her car is expensive.

How does that fit in with the vision of a retiree job here? With the car-tell it's hard to say....


The main purpose is to try and displace a resident by all kinds of juvenile games. Like CB is now bff with AA and so AA constantly bangs on her floor paces around all day, till 4am.

She has nothing better to do evidently. Doesnt know how to improve mind or soul. If you complain it goes unnoticed. If you tap on the ceiling she will come roaring down to scream at you.

About as much logic as a ### and says stuff like 'You must be hearing things because my room is not directly above yours." Hmm. I have some architectural background but the building is laid square and if her room isnt above mine why can she hear my tapping? Footstep treads match hers too unfortunately--- short fat and busy.

Theoretically if she complains about my tapping I will have to say she told me her room is not above mine, so she must be imagining sounds too! Certainly I might do better than pick a fight with Belzeebub.

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