Since the deaths of two residents they instituted a Knock on Door Daily policy at MT Carmel House. In concept it seems caring.

In practice it is a very bad idea. Residents already sign out every time they leave the building & sign in when they return. So any resident "missing" all Stephanie Ford has to do is check the sign out book located 10 feet from her desk! Second she is actually racially profiling me as a nonblack.

I have documented how they harass nonblacks here extensively. She comes to this floor (only 3 floors here) and specifically knocks only on my door. When I ask why only mine, she says "I already know they are here!" She tried the key and was about to come in. I was busy and couldn't answer, and she said, "You're supposed to answer me." Sometimes she tries two times a day knocking on my door.

That is stalking and illegal entry! The staff let her do whatever she wants because this place has been her only job as program coordinator forever. She apparently can see through her closed office door that my black neighbors are always around. But the truth is this person (like the previous SW) loves to snoop in people's rooms.

As a nonblack we are pre-identified as fair game. Well they break into black residents rooms too. However I believe what SF is really after is trying to bully, intimidate, "break" me, because she has no college degree whereas I have several. SF is a very buxom well built type---she hits it off with all of JB's many "boyfriends." So actually there's a "bad" subculture here and that's another reason she wants to "break" me.

I have reported this to Washington Legal Clinic to no avail. They are another somewhat worthless bunch. The point is this place is run like a prison camp and the staff take pride to act like they are prison wardens, except here blacks are rewarded for bad behaviour while good people are harassed and shamed. I should file a restraining order, but it takes time.

Meanwhile I am doing my best to document and share these disgusting BLM worldview attitudes.

A perspective that "I don't talk to you because you are not black!" when we live in one house, I do just as many if not more chores, and have done my best to spread christian love and goodwill. They are really that shallow & close-minded!

User's recommendation: Document, let many people know.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Catholic Charities DC Pros: Cheaper rent, Transitional program.

Catholic Charities DC Cons: Twist the rules around, Prejudice.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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Its called narcissistic bullying. They always choose someone who they gain maximum power trip to feed off of like energy vampires because they lack true spirituality (goodness).

I know someone like this here whose eyes are dark and soulless. She likes to choose me because I have an exceptional background that she is envious about. You must be brave, thick-skinned, and psychologically prepared to defend yourself. And pray for them too.

Read Matthew Chapter 5 beatitudes.

Anyway the knocking has been reduced. It's a gradual improvement you just have to try and stay positive.


How is your loss $1000? Be specific. Major horrible bad karma back at you if you can’t provide proof for your claimed loss.


They also have a security camera cctv system set up to replay anywhere the exits are. The point is she knows exactly that you go out to water or check the garden at least once a day.

She KNOWS you are well and about but she WANTS TO FORCE YOU TO RESPOND. So the concern about your being "alive still" is a big con game used to manipulate.

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