They should rename to Mt Shernell in memory of second resident who has passed away in less than a year. Both deaths somewhat a mystery.

Shernell came to this house as a frail elderly AfriAm. She'd had a stroke previously and due to limited mobility they placed her on the first floor which was good. She had easier access to kitchen and bathroom. Even then she was a little feeble in mind and anyone could see she either needed daily attention or should be prioritized for rapid rehousing.

All residents are assigned a chore unless incapacitated. The staff assigned her to take out the trash--- an unpleasant twice a day chore that is not easy! Carrying and dragging out the kitchen trash, the bag would break and the contents spill down the steps. I voluntarily helped her but would end up washing the stairs for her as well.

After repeated requests staff finally realized chore was too much for her. They hardly ever paid much attention to her, even when she lived on the first floor. After COVID struck, the staff in fear of the illness, moved the two residents (Shernell) to SECOND floor. This made it very difficult for Shernell to have to climb stairs to get to kitchen.

Already she was so timid she spent most of the day hiding in her room, cooking or more like microwaving a frozen dinner at 3am. AFTER the forced move to SECOND floor the staff paid even less attention to her. Her room was tiny and cramped. She hid inside even more.

I spoke up for her numerous times such as filling room request form to switch to a bigger room. There is a room nearby that the resident pays rent but is a ghost resident. They would not reassign her. Shernell told me she lost her ID and had documents taken from her that were not returned from her previous residence.

Staff ET repeatedly told me, "I appreciate your concern but Shernell is a tough woman, she can take care of herself." Shernell's ID was not replaced, after all the attitude was that she was tough enough to do everything herself! They told me that again after I told them Shernell had a break in to her room and money $400 was taken. I told them who the suspect might be because I do recall who visited her room and I thought it was odd, but the suspect had very cleverly made it sound like she was invited into the room. Again staff merely said that Shernell "would not have that much money in her room" but they were looking into it.

ET was going to remind me again how tough Shernell was, so then I told her actually she was so unhappy she had begun drinking in her room. That seemed to have awaken alarm bells but still nothing was done. Shernell's dead body was discovered on 02/01/2021. Monday in her room.

Police came but it took several hours for staff to arrive due in part to snow. Shernell came to this home hoping to transition to senior housing in DC. She had been here just over a year. Even though she was frail all the residents liked her.

It was just she was that age she liked to sit and talk with others her age. Even the staff seemed to have little time and patience. But the saddest part is unlike when the previous resident passed, the staff ET made a big show of reaching out, offering grief counseling, now she is utterly silent! It's because the responsibility for the first death fell on the director, and that person resigned.

Now ET knows she is partly responsible so she is acting like no one has died! No notes posted on board, no vocal reach out, no recognition or even trying to suppress any expressions of mourning! This is so awful it is unbelievable. Shernell came to our home for hope but instead she sunk to the lowest depths of despair!

And just so it's clear, she was my neighbor! (I'm only giving this 3 stars because it's my duty to make sure it gets posted)

User's recommendation: Careerism can be harmful.

Monetary Loss: $28.

Preferred solution: Social workers who are not *** after fancy job titles.

Catholic Charities DC Pros: Work program, Transition, Church.

Catholic Charities DC Cons: Superficial, Opportunist, Uncaring.

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You make sure to deny the release of information. The program rules were updated but are backdated to 2011 (apparently).

There is a no sign option to the contract although most residents do sign. They may not be given a full copy. They recently posted a program design/overview. As it is (re)written the social worker has an outsized role that is quite disproportionate.

On every single page social worker/case manager is referred to at least once. Here the social worker/case manager are one same person. I believe she rewrote this for her benefit and to play god. The Senior Program Manager (the figurative supervisor of the case manager/social worker) is mentioned only once!

While ET is assured a full page worth under section for case management. And this completely outsized role of case management fits with her personality. She has morphed into an oppressive authoritarian with a ruthless bulldoggish stare. She asserted recently there is not anything here she does not have the authority to be involved in.

In fact descriptors in the section refer to her as GUIDE, CHALLENGER, SOURCE in capital letters. We are to regard her as support, share our doubts and frustrations, while she has the authority to reprimand, direct our attention, monitor our compliance daily, and remind us of our future. This is pretty much comprehensive including her right to share her concerns for us. In no place does this "Big Sister" refer to herself as a friend (although she would only be an Arnold Friendly type.) I am certain she has re/written the program overview to extricate herself from any contentions.

Everyone living here is merely categorized as "formerly homeless." In reality in my opinion the SW/CM might be using her outsized role for not only minimizing any other staff role, to assure her unquestionable authority, but to augment her oppressive agenda. So she is like playing god over us lately after all, doesnt the program design authorize her to fulfill that?

She has lasted through 3 other senior program directors and we our on our fourth in 2 years. If one questions why there is overt favoritism, covert activities, secret verbal agreements, allowances of targeting "nonentities": she_esbe all over and giving out the avil eyes.


It's not a matter of reasoning but a culture of leveraging authority. So the golden rule does not apply.

Over and over you can remind them this or that but they heed very little. You can have religious reminders everywhere but those objects mean nothing and even become polluted. It's what is in the heart and you can ask but is it red or black? And still it makes no difference!

So now ET is focusing all her energy on converting the new director to her warped worldview. One older person here B_ became ill and they used that to scribble all sorts of notes on her disfunctionalism in her file because she knows people. B_ told me they tried to put it in very tiny print so she wouldn't see it, and that ET was resistant to enlarging those notes. She is also rumored to try to collect financial and identification and medical info without client authorization.

E.g. Going into people's SS accounts. The new director is slowly brainwashed.

I can see that since she is a longtime bureaucrat that is pretty easy to happen. The goal is to convert this into a cat house, imho, and they don't want anyone to prevent that and just like with any kartell they have to have enablers...


This event totally undermines anyones faith in the church. They're so corrupt.

Of course she is going to stay on this mean wretched miserable cruel... And yeah it wasnt like two or three days of garbage hauling it was at least 4 or 5 cycles of 2 weeks each. As time goes on this mean wretch is trying to give people who arent complete toadies a bad time.

Her boss probably will give her a pay raise. That boss never stops by here anyway.


ET fits the classic narcissist profile. If its not steam-roller then it assumes covert narciss.

Time and again she uses case meetings with clients to implant her toxic digs. She does this in the form of friendly "brags." So with her new boss she even refers to her boss to her face as just being in training, with the innuendo that SHE is training her boss! With me the dig is what a wonderful relationship she has with her mother who was a school teacher and she learned all about how to be a teacher from her closeness with mother. Or that she is renewing her social worker license next month (what a coincidence the same month as I renew my professional license).

Then she even asks me but is it every two years odd year or even year? B#tch looked up all this about me just to attack me or invent lie! I told her I didnt want to talk about that! But she knew its June odd years and she deliberately equates my license as comparable to hers but to a lesser degree as she sits all day on her duff till late evening in her OFFICE supposedly "taking advanced LCSW" courses.

You go gal! Great in theory, "D" in practice, "F" in sincerity!


That's not very nice. She at least sits all day and appears to work.

Nakya doesn't even do that. On good night she will do her job okay if she's in a good mood or the weeks of the resident survey. The other half time she closes the door and is eating, making personal calls, surfing, and basically ignores resident requests. Her job is so easy that most of the time she just sits around eating and playing with her device.

But she has to hide that by being as unfriendly as she can. She also forgets to lock doors behind her she gets so involved in doing nothing.


U don't understand they aren't paid to be moral or ethical. Its too hard to measure.

Kohlberg level one moral reasoning is totally focused on self-interest which is how a society focused on narcissism and materialism becomes. Level One: "Obey rules to avoid punishment" means "Disobey rules when there is no punishment expected or when no one is looking." Voluntarism doesn't count so what is not paid is ignored. Dirty or broken, they will wait till its charged. You would hate to be on a sinking boat with them if they are going to sit till the right lifeguard arrives.

They will push everyone off the boat that they can. Level One says "naive hedonism, conforms to get rewards and have favors returned" means "When pain is present, make sure the suffering is spread unfairly."

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