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The SW is okay. It has taken 2+ years to get used.

One of the worst left. They let me change to a nicer room. You just learn to keep to yourself. Theres only one illicit worker really but she shares what she gets to keep.

The ladies have some mental but they dont steal or commit bad crimes. The one woman I have a problem with is this night owl who just wanders the halls at night, sits on the steps outside smoking for hours, sits in kitchen texting, and just creeping around. Donald Trump is her God too. Donald Trump soldered in red letters on glasses, sweaters, jackets, etc and very adamant about it too.

So she really has some passive aggressive issues probably dissociativej. She has control issues about me because she keeps cleaning the bathroom after I clean it as the assigned chore. I do a good job but she acts like its not good enough and mutters about stuff. And having a colorful trailor trsh record she just hates on people or else insists on turning them into her sidekicks.

She accusjed one gal of making a pass at her but I am convinced it was more the other way around. Anyway I tried to do a search on her and ver strange her name does not come up at all. I do searches occasionally to discover if they had a record. One gal, white, she was pretty nice but she would also wander and from the record its clear she has some schiz mental outages.

She seemed to disappear from this place too. Well this gal AA her initials has no record and i am certain because the name sounds fake to begin with that she's using an alias. So thats really kind of *** Severe mental issues, physical issues, and using an alias. I have to play nice but I also wont let my guard down.

She even showed me pictures of her when she lived in a canvas style tent near the White House. You want ask why she didnt get an invite from the groper. She's not that bad looking for 60s. But the other *** part is her alias name is jewish.

So she is some kind of jwish cracker, and I just cant figure why she had to get homeless. Is she a mole? Where is her stock portfolio?

Why isnt she living like in Bethesda? And she loves loves loves Xmas!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Catholic Charities DC Pros: Customer care, Transition, University, Work program, Church.

Catholic Charities DC Cons: Poor people, Excons, Covd19.

Location: 6010 Georgia Ave Nw, Washington, DC 20011

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My car was just stolen, does CarMax have trackers in cars for this???


Thats the wrong last name! And she has a nicer personality than you think!

At least she always says hello to you! This gal angelique austin no way never ever says hi to anyone unless they are *ehem.* So being she lives above you its like having a heavy weight short wrestler moving boxes, pacing like a caged wild boar, and playing trance music all day all night. And she lives to play watchdog monitoring everyones coming and goings. Evidently she has no problems judging people based on her crooked far set eyes without ever asking a question or attempting small talk.

Oh she's a seer all right. So profound and such an expert. Thats why she pounding on that floor in such frustration. Woohoo!

She hates on Christians too thats why. (Shes probably going to report you for tapping on the ceiling with a mop.

It must only sound like a tap compared to her thumping but being mean and smallminded and the staff will probably take sides with her because blm you know. Blm means double standards is perfect to balance all the centuries of unfairness.)


She means amitzvah austin maybe? Got kicked out of patricia handy for fighting too much.


Nope, amitzvah is nice. She just has a world view that is different.

Has the courage to stand up for her rights and thats not easy around here. She doesnt know they seem nicer to her than to me. But she does know when she's being lied to. There is one poor woman who should be transitioned into senior housing and they have done little to help her because she too quiet.

Already a year and she qualifies for voucher, has some income, etc. Imho its because all that matters are the optics.

Around Xmas there are people who are extra mean because they resent having to give to others. It emerges in unexpected ways and at unexpected times.

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