Jim carlson the head lawyer is an attorney for my ex wife. Back later on June 1st I approached his office after the 12th time that he had hung up on me in regards to trying to finalize my divorce.

When I arrived to his office the door was open I let myself in and as I walked back to his office he was sitting there sweaty clammy and looked very mean. When I asked him what I had to do to settle our divorce, he pulled a gun out and proceeded to come up to me and put it in my mouth and grabbed my arm and slammed me into one wall and then into another wall and then into the bathroom wall and then into another wall and another one another wall and then finally out of the front door.

I do not know why an attorney has to do that to me, except I smelled terrible alcohol on his breath and he just seemed like the devil at the time. I ended up getting arrested for it because he lied to the police

User's recommendation: Never hire this guy for anything.

Carlson Law Cons: Lead attorney.

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