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Stay away from this company! I was told 7 major lies regarding the process with them.


That they would find an ASE certified mechanic for you to go to - incorrect, you have to find them and ensure it's the shop that's ASE certified.

2. That due to me calling in and stating that the first mechanic it was sent to was shady, that they would cover towing to the new mechanic - incorrect, came out of my pocket.

3. Motor Vehicle Services, and the mechanic has verified the broken part, and verified that its covered under my plan and they should be covering it. They will not cover it.


Not only on the call with Cargaurds director heather but the call with MVS, there was a discusaion of an email between the two where heather stated that the issue to my vehicle was preexisting prior to the mechanic reaching out or the inspector viewing the vehicle. Receipt of last service request was shared with them stating no preexisting issues.

5. After calling MVS to cancel policy due to the unprofessionalism, I was told that they weren't covering my claim due to the incorrect date. The rep I spoke with incorrectly (or knowingly) wrote 5/18 instead of the correct date 6/18, which when this was brought to there attention, i requested the director Heather to review the recorded call, it was confirmed I said 6/18.


Promised a rental vehicle... you don't get that until your claim is approved, which will probably not happen.

7. Once I spoke with the director Heather, which I had asked to speak to several times prior, she stated information that did not add up, I questioned her, and she told me I was twisting her words and she would call me back the next day. I had to call in two days later.

She didn't get on the phone but I was told that she was just now reviewing it. She then decided to leave a voicemail stating the same information as two days prior.

It has been 2 months without a vehicle and they have the worst customer service. No compensation for the misinformation, and did not cooperate with the mechanic properly. The Director Heather did not do anything to assist in this and could not tell me specifically why the claim was denied and would not let me speak to the claims adjuster or ispector.

I also caught her in several lies regarding repairs needed that the mechanic had reviewed with me. Everyone involved including Motor Vehicle Services have stated that they didn't want to cover the repairs and lied there way through it.

User's recommendation: Spend your money elsewhere.

Location: Tonopah, Arizona

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