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I sued CarFax in Riverside CA Superior Court for posting several erroneous reports including the "One Owner" report I relied on when I bought a "termite infested" Cadillac STS.It turns out there were 4 or more owners and never would have bought the car had I known that.

Prior to this, they posted a 3-4 owner report they changed to "One Owner" prior to my buying the car and relying on the Dealer's link to the report.

I have a default judgment against the dealer but waiting for CarFax's answer I gave their attorney an extension on to 11/14.

Anybody out there want a piece of this?Could be worth some real money damages.

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159 of 179 Carfax reviews

Sep 12, 2016 #1211721 Los Angeles, California, United States

How can I find a lawyer to sue Carfax ? I bought a 2015 Tahoe from the auction , to resale to a dealer ship , after I finish fixing the Truck , i invested more than 7 thousand dollar on the truck , the MMR on the truck its $39,000. I took the truck to resale it to a dealership to find out the Carfax reported a salvage title a total lost , in had to sale it on the spot about $10,000 below the MMR, just to get my money back ,

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Sep 30, 2015 #1041234

I purchased a car in Sept.2103 that showed 1 minor accident, in December 2013 CAR FAX reported a second accident that occurred on April,2013 8 months after the incident. I know have a problem selling my car for it's actual value. Now what to do???

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Sep 12, 2015 #1033033

Id like to join....my truck was pulling a trailer and the trailer came off the hitch. The trailer then hit a tree, never touching my truck. Car fax reports truck hit tree and nobody will touch it now even though there was not one bit of damage. Tried several times to contact car fax with no responses. This is bull ***

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Jul 05, 2015 #1003821

Please call me at 816 282 2100 asap Donald Leger

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May 05, 2015 #980364

yes I have same issue got all proof from repair shop and insurance company 3479949404 my cell. carfax is a ***

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No Trade for Us

Feb 06, 2015 #942057 Palm Coast, Florida, United States

I am having the same issue dealing with Carfax. They state that our 335i BMW sustained Structural Damage despite the fact that both BMW repair facility and Farmers insurance have submitted letters to Carfax stating no structural damage occurred. If I can find a dealership to take this into trade they will only give us about 70% what the car is worth. Carfax is responsible for thousands of dollar of damages to us.. Yes I would love to join a class action suit against Carfax...

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Baby Shaq

Dec 22, 2014 #919785 Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

I Had a similar issue. I went to trade in my vehicle and CARFAX had a comment which essentially said that there was structural damage and the frame needed to be checked by a professional. I did have an accident but there was no frame damaged. I called my insurance company and they sent over all of my repair invoices and there was definitely no frame damage. They could only offer me 2k on my trade because of it. So yes I want to sue.

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LA Holland

Jan 08, 2015 #928325 Arlington, Texas, United States

EXACT SAME ISSUE. After being told by both the repair shop and State Farm that "the don't submit anything to Carfax" I dug a little deeper and learned that apparently the "Preferred" collision repair shop transmits a report to the Insurance Adjuster... and somewhere in that process, Carfax gets the information of suggested repairs. I was told by the owner of the collision repair shop that they have nothing to do with sending information to Carfax, all they do is transmit via a software program to State Farm. I received a letter from State Farm stating the automobile had been repaired to pre-accident condition. I received a letter from the collision damage shop stating that no frame damage occurred. I submitted to Carfax and they still refuse to change their erroneous report that has a $6000 error. I'd be happy to join.
Lori Holland, Arlington TX 76006

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Jun 17, 2014 #828319

Same issue. Bought a clean vehicle two years later shows a accident before my purchase.

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Carfax has a price to pay

May 30, 2014 #821978

I said I bought a 2003 Audi in May 2012. Tried to sell it in May 2014. I forgot to mention that when carfax wrote that the total loss was in Feb 2009, they began reporting it on Feb 2013. They actually have these words printed on the report. Four years after it actually happened. Not only that! The dealer that sold the car to us also sold us a warranty based on it not being a total loss. What do you think all of these warranty companies are going to say when they provided warranties to total losses? What a can of worms!

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Carfax has a price to pay

May 30, 2014 #821976

I bought a 2003 Audi in May 2012 with a clean carfax report. In May 2014 I tried to sell it to a dealer and he wouldnt touch it because carfax start reporting a total loss on the car as of Feb 2013, 8 months after I bought it. I still owe over $8000. I want to be in on the lawsuit. Thanks

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May 05, 2014 #811968 Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

Carfax is a *** company. I bought a car in 2012 with a "clean car fax" no damages, etc. Last month I tried to trade it in or sell it and the dealer ran the carfax and it showed in 2013 (a year after I bought it) that damage was reported from 2011 (a year BEFORE I bought it.) Now I'll be upside down on the loan because no dealer wants to give me anything close to what the car is worth because of reported damage. So I'm stuck with this car I can't afford anymore for probably another year until I can break even. I lost about $5k because of this

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May 03, 2014 #811526

carfax reports my car as being "a total loss salvage car" however I have clear title, no branding, carfax has nothing to substantiate the claim.. they asked me to get a "A signed letter from dmv stating they have no record of any accident"
I asked them, "if my car was crashed, what shop fixed it?" - again no records.
we all know that no dmv will write such letters - it's an impossibility.
but the state has a vin check online and there are no records.
3) Im getting a letter from the police dept stating they have no record of any car crash like carfax reports.. but whether this is good enough for CF to remove their report, I don't know.
meanwhile, CF has made it impossible for me to sell my car!

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Oct 21, 2013 #731470

After buying my car based on a clean accident report, they reported an accident in August 2013, for an accident that presumably happened in January 2012! That is 20 months later- not getting reports on all accidents is one thing, but delaying an accident report could potentially be manipulation! Do you agree?

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Sep 03, 2013 #711208 Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Bought car 2012 Carfax gave it a clean bill of health. On 2/2013 Carfax makes claim that car was fire damaged and was deemed a total loss. Here's the kicker the fire damage was back on 11/2005.
Now car is worthless and no dealer will give any kind of trade value to the car and we still owe over 11K on the car.
This is Nightmare on Carfax St. There is no recourse for the consumer!

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Aug 22, 2013 #704633 Seattle, Washington, United States

I'm dealing with Carfax now on an incorrect claim that my car was in an accident and suffered "structural damage" two weeks before I bought it. I had it inspected at a body shop; they looked at everything from the weld spots along the unibody, to under the hood, to trunk, etc- they said there is no structural damage- and it's in alignment!

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Mar 23, 2013 #627282 Bellflower, California, United States

I want in also!!! cARFAX sucks!!!! I bought a used car from downeyNissan 2 years ago. Now that I wanted to trade in my car I come to find my car has been in an accident 6 months BEFORE I purchased the car!! It's worth less than half of what I'm still paying for. :x I've been doing all this research and come to find out that its true. A accident report is on file and the dealership is saying that its not true. This is so crazy and frustrating. All I wanted to do is trade my car for something bigger for my family. I'm paying for a car that's not even worth it and no lawyer wants to take the case until I get the accident report which I can't get because I'm considered a third party!!! Uuuuggghhhh!!!!!! So frustrated!!!! :(

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Mar 20, 2013 #625748 Agawam, Massachusetts, United States

carfax is giving used car dealers a bad reputation, dealers are victimized by carfax costing them thousands in losses, first with carfax's advertising saying see your "reputable" dealer for a free report so now the dealer has to spent $800.oo a month for unlimited reports which is the only logical option since now every car that the dealer even considers buying he has to make sure the carfax is clean. now what about when a dealer buys a 3 year old car with a good fax from say the Mercedes remarketing co. at an auction then 2 weeks later an accident shows up reported a few months before but carfax just put the info in, one would think because the leasing company pays so much that carfax delays the info until its back in the used market now the car is worth usually $2-$4k less at an auction because most dealers will not even consider buying a Mercedes with an accident

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Tony Ruiz

Sep 07, 2012 #539354

I did bury them but turn back up like a bad penny. This is an awful company run by idiots but their attorney, once he got involved, proved to be the right answer. So, I would advise you to sue the mothers; you can find a paralegal or new attorney to write up the lawsuit for you, and if you don't make a lot of money the court may waive your fees...like they did for me. This made me whole again, but do not, I repeat, do not ever use carfax again. They're shysters, lie like rugs and make a practice of simply blowing people off hoping they won't go the extra mile. I exhort you to move against them, but never in small claims court. Always use the regular court where you get a real judge and preserve all your rights...unlike the small claims farce. Feel free to call me if you like at nine five one, two three seven, one two seven five.

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