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I have been calling for a week & a half now I have been trying to cancel my subscription membership card to stop the funds from being taken out of account and no one have been answering the phone every time I call it @ 8 it keeps saying on the answering machine that you are closed....I will be making a complaint and a bad review this company because it don’t make no sense how long I had to wait to cancel my membership & how many I have keep calling you all over and over everyday if you could give me a call please @ 678-396-2311 so I can cancel my membership please thanks... I will be available Monday & Tuesday...

Product or Service Mentioned: Carefree Dental Dental Insurance.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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If you used a bank debit card, just go to your bank and ask for a new card. Everything associated with the card you replace will NOT be able to get money from your account any longer.

I had to do that because of EarthLink internet, they would not cancel my auto payment option after they said that I could opt out anytime. I guess they thought I was going to let that just go.


I’m so glad I read these reviews. I just saw the commercial was going to call until I read the reviews.

Im in need of a lot of dental work. I will not call this company, instead I would rather pay out of pocket than to deal with this mess.


file a complaint with the federal trade commission, they are online. They will go after this scam company. Also contact the insurance commissioner of california.


Call your bank. I don’t know why people allow them to keep taking money out of their account.

You call your bank and tell them you do not allow anymore payments to be taking out it’s a fraudulent charge and they will stop it.

At least that’s how my bank works! Good luck

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