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The day I joined I told the representative that I only wanted to try the program for a month. If I found that the benefits were worthwhile and worked for me that a would add a payment option.

The representative said absolutely, we can do that. Well I found that the discounts were not as I expected so I dropped the coverage after the 1st month and thought that would be the end of it since I didn't add any automatic deduction plan. I rarely check all my bank statements since I have several cards. But when I took the time recently to check my credit history I found that Carefree Dental decided to bill my card every month like clockwork without my permission.

They have been doing this for almost 8 months now. I notified them and i'm still waiting for a response. Be vary carful with this company.

When a company uses sneaky tactics like this I'm done with them. Word of advice, keep tabs on all you bank or credit card statements monthly to catch something like this earlier instead of later.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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never allow any company to take money out of your bank account period!


A word of advice: Check with your bank about getting additional checking accounts (for FREE, of course!); This is what I did when I'd read on-line complaints about a company I'd recently subscribed with... The company had numerous complaintants claiming unauthorized charges to their bank-card accounts.

I found that I could have as many separate checking-accounts in my name as I cared-to; so, I simply keep only a very small amount of funds in any account I choose to use to do business with any company with which I have THE SLIGHTEST SUSPICION AS TO THEIR INTEGRITY and/or ethics but, am none-the-less interested in giving their products or services a fair try... They can't get money that ain't there! And, I can always cancel any such card & get another to replace its function at any time I so desire. --Safety IS, as safety DOES!

Fortunately for ME, I managed to get this process all taken-care-of before any successful attempts on my finances had been perpetrated.

One tip: Be sure to ask every conceivable question of your bank so you'll be confident that your own bank doesn't put a blade in the flame to "get-cha' "! (Ya' never know who to trust these days when it comes to money!)

@J.C. Patriot

Great suggestion about separate accounts!!

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