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I just want to know why *** and fools EXPECT to get thousands of dollars worth of goods or services for a small monthly fee. Take carefreedental.com.

what fool would offer these services and/or discounts for a whole family for a mere $ 15.95. Per month.... Duh {{Redacted}}.... If it sounds to good to be true...

Duh.. If it smell like fish it must be.... A fool and his money soon part. For all you *** out there that watch late night tv and believe all those ads........

My friends.... You get what you deserve for your stupidity.... The only thing free is the cookies or chips under the plastic dome kroger leaves out. How can ANYONE.

Expect to get thousands in goods or services for $ 14.95 or $ 19.95 a month. The people that tell you that crap would go out of business if they did. Think about it stupid. You may as well use your money to talk to a 90 year old *** on one of those 900 phone numbers that just cant wait to talk to you.

Talk for $ 5.00 a minute fool. She is 90 and could care less about you and more about your money which i am surprised you have any left by making so many, many, stupid decisions.

This world never ceases to amaze me with the amount of *** it contains. Some people should not be allowed to reproduce.

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Fake review


Totally agree. I don't order anything off tv.

They are all scammers.

Fake products they know are a scam. They want your card numbers to put people on autoship program to steal money from you monthly and sometimes more than once monthly.


Seriously that rant made no sense, if you have negative things to state can you please do it cohesively....Like state in plain english no ranting ... what benefits this companies offer and why they're bad.


Ur the idiot 4 wasting ur time saying nothing. Mind ur business n if it's nothing u want 2 participate in then keep ur mouth shut.

Ppl have a rt 2 make up their own mind without all the name calling as if every decision u make in ur life is productive.

Go somewhere with all that noise ur making!! Get a life!

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