yes, i'm 61 with no chewing teeth upper or lower, on medicaid b/cause my work credits were scattered out, i have around 60 credits; 2011 a girl ran a stop sign at 50 mph hit my truck behind driver door, flipped it 4 times, disabiling me ,the law didn't even charge her and it's happened again, this country is so screwed up, yes ,mexs get what i can't wish jesus would come on back and fix this *** world; one reason my health is starting to decline is not being able to chew my food,it's pitiful but, when you wasn't left a nest egg like some, you are out of luck, a white man like me ,medicaid won't fix my teeth, when i get money from a wreck or inheritance, ssa won't ler you keep it long enough to get help for YOU you have to spend it down on fixing home up, not you self, it's all a screwed up mess and i had about as soon the lord just take me on now, it's that bad

Product or Service Mentioned: Carefree Dental Dental Service.

Reason of review: for being alive, i reckon.

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While I try not to judge people, i do sometimes, but it's based on character. I never judge folks on their race, religion, sex, gender or immigration status.

However, i hate to see (read) when people are depressed and you sound almost suicidal. People lived without teeth for a majority of their adult lives not that long ago. I know where i live, there's a dental college. They will either set up a payment plan that you can afford or do the work for free, they base it on your income.

Even when you have very limited means, all you have to do is try. Research assistance in your area and ask other low income locals.

I think it would be wildly ironic and hysterical if a hispanic dentist worked on you. Ijs.


Alluring Crocodile- U seems to be racially profiling. Its not theMexs that have it all.

You need to look in the mirror n all yourself went you don't have anything ay your age.

You failed to save that"nest egg" for your future but are quick to blame others. Happy Chewing

@Lizzy Smith

What he posted is how his opinion, the fact tho is, you need Jesus. ;)