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Cardsphere.com is a buy and sell site for Magic: The Gathering. On the site, you can put funds into your account and make funds by selling cards to other users.

I am done with the website, and I was trying to withdraw my funds when I am greeted with a very malicious and unethical policy. The policy dictates that when withdrawing funds from an account, you are subject to a fee that either costs $10 or takes 10% of what you are withdrawing. In my case, I was withdrawing $537 from my account to completely clear my balance.

This tags me with a fee of $53.79. That is just outrageous and is a ransom for your money.

User's recommendation: I recommend that people don't use Cardsphere at all.

Location: Wichita, Kansas

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Cardsphere owner here. Our fees are 100% described in the Terms of Service to which you agreed when signing up.

We also put the information out there on the landing page for users not logged in, as well as on our Tutorials/FAQ page, and on the dialog where you request the cash out. Beyond this, you can simply consolidate any remaining funds to a single high value card to sell locally, thereby paying no fee whatsoever, outside the 1% rake on successfully sold cards. Doing things this way, you'd pay the lowest fees available anywhere, full stop.

We also provide a refund window for people who added funds and did not receive cards, which you could likely have engage if you were not using the service. I'm sorry you chose not to read the information we put all over the website, but that's on you.

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