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Been dealing with the company for a while dealt with all the big seed banks for cannabis seeds never have any problems with them except for waiting forever for shipping tried to give a mom and pop spot a chance and a more exotic hard to find and I'll never again after this experience with I think the people took out the seeds they got from the distributor and put some boo boo seeds in they weren't in the factory seal container they were in a baggie with a dang sticker on it. Order to them quite a few times Spence probably about five $600 through this company.

The first time there was a problem they wanted me to buy something and put in a note that there was a problem and they would add the replacement and some freebies so I did that I spent another $124 through this company thinking that okay they're going to make good and send me The replacements they never did and the order that I did get 424 like I said was not in the factory packaging it looked like they took out the good seeds and put some bag seeds in there very very very upset with this company all they had to do was make right and replace my king Kush seeds order so now instead I have a bunch of plants they are not King Kush.

All this company had to do was replace my seeds spent a lot of money on them instead you see is not King Kush in the picture and the order before that two of the seeds were photo. And I already had them scrog net it in so I had to remove the scrog and had to get the plants out to switch them over to 1212 because Autoflower grows hours a day light it was a nightmare very upset with this company would not take time out of my day to post this if it didn't upset me this much trust me do not deal with these people

User's recommendation: Do not do business with this company they're crooks they get good viable seeds from good breeders around the world and keep them for themselves and put garbage seeds in the bag.

Location: Washington Township, Michigan

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Jaz Ibf

doesn't chime with my experiences with this company at all. In fact total opposite.

service is awesome and they're always cool to chat to for advice and all the seeds ive got have been spot on. not sure this reviewer is for real??

Ronda Alo

We're glad that you enjoyed our service enough to order 3 times! As you know we provide the most generous freebies in the industry which is exactly why we get so many repeat orders.

Unfortunately you did not bring any of the issues that you claim to have experienced on every order you've made from us, across a variety of different breeders from different continents, until over a year after your initial order. The total spend with our company is $293 not $500-600 as claimed, this is yet another inconsistency in this ever changing version of events. You've also informed us early on that you've made a similar complaint against another seed company and they were 'begging' you to remove the review. Also you did not request breeders packs on the 1st order, 2nd order, or 3rd order.

All you needed to do was to add this request to the order notes or leave a message in live chat and of course we are always happy to oblige. As you're aware the reason we repackage the seeds is to ensure safe passage via the stringent US customs. The reason the completely free courtesy replacements we posted (before you wrote the 'review') on March 6th were intercepted was due to them being dispatched in the breeders packs to avoid any further negativity. In line with our commitment to excellent customer service we're resending these again at no cost to yourself and going the extra mile by adding a few extra seed packs.

It would be impossible to argue that we've done anything other than go above and beyond in dealing with this and we feel that your review is not a fair reflection of our company, the service you've received or our products. We offer seeds from as little as $10 for 5 feminized and every order gets free seeds of high quality cultivars.

We dispatch orders quickly and we're always available to answer any queries via email. Thank you, we hope you have a great week!

Candido Cyt
reply icon Replying to comment of Ronda Alo

I've had nothing but awesome service and freebies from these guys. Been using since 2019, great seeds, good prices and the freebies are always stellar.

Last order I got a free pink runtz and she looks beautiful I think the hater needs to learn to grow. Peace and love 5/5

Nicholas W Tbj

Was contacted by cali seed store I will remove this when order is received you guys already sent another one that did not arrive here I make good on my word. As soon as them seeds her in my hand and the problem is fixed I'll remove it

Nicholas W Tbj

Caliseed store reached out. Told me they would ship my replacements when I pulled this comment.

5 I then reached out to pissed off consumer they said supply screen shot or replaced package. And they said upon my request and proof. They then said it is not wise to cancel until problem fixed. Then email them with pictures.

I did request this be taken down... When order is fixed I give my word to take this down.

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