Unethical business practices. Shady characters.

All smiles, but don't be fooled. Everything about their marketing is professional but it's all just an appearance. If you think you're being charmed, you're not, it's a very strategic planning process where they proceed to get you to a comfortable place and only then, they strike and take your money and run. And don't get me started on Andre.

The guys there are all in on it too. Trust me do not do business with this company.

I hate to spend time on a review but this company only wants to commit financial rape. At your expense.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Ugh, I was questioning my decision to invest with calchoice as I have been with them for seven years and nothing has happened with my property (shared), I was told the average sale of a property was 5yrs... well that came and went.

I recently received a bill from calchoice asking for money to go toward delinquent funds for my Horizon Trust account.. I called Horizon Trust and they told me I was up-to-date on payments.... I have called calchoice to discuss but haven't heard back.

I don't have a good feeling here.. will update as soon as I get a response from Calchoice.


Is there anyway we can find out who the original poster is so that we can file a libel suit against them? This is making it difficult to build trust and just because this site allows anonymous postings, doesn't limit their liability to defame and lie without supporting evidence to back up their claim of it being "unethical business practices". I'd say the original poster is the one who is "shady" and is using this veil of anonymity to post such an unproven and outlandish claim.


Could you give more insight about your experience please.


I wouldn't invest in Calchoice study your home work first please . My friend Nadia invested in land banking with Calchoice and spent 60k and this is in a group investment & its Been 5 years now .

She hasn't heard back from them .

She & I called and texted him no answer yet so far . If I were you I would rather invest in bitcoins


I'm a CalChoice Investor and I get regular updates and notification. Maybe they have bad contact information.


I've puchased land from CalChoice Investment and the process was handled with the utmost professionalism. They keep you posted on the process and they provide you with regular updates. I'm A Happy Client!


What has been the annual return on your investment now that it’s been 2 years?


I hare to break it to you guys, but these characters came from Ace Capital Group. Jason McMahon of Lawyer's Title told me this in person and in writing. Dont sxpect any help from Jason McMahon unksss your attorney can get him on the witness stand.


can you elaborate?


My question is why are people with good experiences looking up Cal Choice on pissed customer if they are entirely happy with Cal Choice? To look at who is mad and prove them wrong?

I think the good reviews are written by Cal Choice employees trying defend their honor and the bad are written by competitors to show their clients how bad a company is. If you have to stoop so low to tarnish other companies' reputation, there is a reason you are not getting enough business.

I want a real customer experience and seeing that there are none on pissed customer, I can only assume their clients are happy. I'll give it a shot and write a real review once my investment matures.


What's your experience been charels? Im considering using this company and doing research.... Thanks


It's been 2 years since you posted this. Any updates?

Have you been happy with any updates? Thanks in advance.


If you look at any complaint post anywhere on the web, people always give more detail about their bad experiences when it is a true experience. The fact that there is not a shred of detail on what the bad experience was, leads me to believe that this is 100% made up and has no validity to it. I have dealt with CalChoice Investments for years and they are as professional as they come and have a great track record.


This complaint is vague. As a consumer review we would like to know details but this posting doesn't have any.

It sounds as if the poster is commenting about any bank or financial institution. Don't they all just take our money and run? What specifically even happened to this person? What financial investments did they make?

Stocks? Life insurance?

Too vague. It reads like sour grapes.


I had the same experience ith CalChoice. Especially Andre.

If you want a shady character it is him.

I know their customers investments go towards his teslas and eyebrow waxing. Do yourself a favor and invest on your own and DO NOT waste your time ith these people!


do a search for Ralph Solis and Andre Vicario. You will find Vicario was prosecuted on multiple felony charges in the Municipal Court of Los Angeles in April of 1995.

The stamp at the top of the 27 page complaint is Major Fraud Division. The stamp below it states Warrant Issued. The case number is BA105807. The prosecuting attorney was Richard Lowenstein.

The judge who signed the finding and the warrant for his arrest was Glenette Blackwell. Vicario was to be held in custody or post bail in the amount of $60,000 on seven counts.

Maybe he is reformed. Or maybe not


They made me an offer but I haven't signed yet. It feels shady, so I looked this case up: no record found in any Los Angeles Court for this case number.

You said it was fraud, that is a matter of public record, it should have shown up in the county court search – but it didn't!!! The only place I found this stuff you are referring to (BS) is on ralphjsolis.com. And to be honest the supposed court document is the only fraud I see! There is no such thing as a warrant issued for two people's bodies on one piece of paper.

That's the first problem with this fraudulent court paperwork this guy has posted. There are date stamps on it from 1995, that are clear in bold. There is a seal on page 6 that is backwards, dated 2009???

If anything the website is guilty of libel, for posting fake court papers!

I really wanted to know if this company was a scam... I haven't been able to find anything, at least anything that is legitimate evidence against them...


I have purchased 1.3 million in Land with Calchoice. They are experts at what they do! I have bought and sold three parcels with them.


Hi Ron, Can you let me know how your sell went? How long did you hold the property?

How much did you profit?

Did you own by yourself or with a group? Thanks so much for your honest answers to my questions.


how are your investments Ron. ?

good bad?

100% increase 400%? negative?