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I was arrested 12 years ago for no proof of insurance.The charges were dismissed when a presented proof in court.

I recently googled my own name and this came up first in the list. They charge a $68 fee to remove a mugshot whether you guilty or NOT. Maybe you should google your own name or visit this site and see for yourself. You may be surprised and angered at what you find.

This is an unfair and hideous practice, especially if you were not guilty of anything. These people also run another website with your mugshot and charge yet another fee to remove it from there.

Again try searching BUSTEDMUGSHOTS.COM for your full name or just google it.The more innocent people are made aware of this *** the more likely it can be stopped.

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17 of 17 BUSTED MUGSHOTS reviews

Mar 22, 2016 #1132148

Please sign out petition to stop sites like this!

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Oct 30, 2015 #1056274

I just want to put this on record that my mugshots were put out there too by mugshots.com and I wasn't too happy about it,
and only one of them was from a DWI that I was guilty of, and that really didn't bother me, it is public record. but what DID bother me was mugshots for things that I was never convicted of and I was innocent. but the way it looked on there website that I was guilty.
that really bothered me. but I have to say in there defense all I had to do was get my criminal record online which is free , email it to the address given at the bottom of the page on their website, follow the instructions like give them your name and a copy of the URL that your mugshots are located on and they will remove them in less than 24 hours, it's that simple no fee or anything!
the only catch to this is that they only have to remove them if you are not convicted of the crime. so if you were found guilty they do not have to remove them. they were very business-like and removed my stuff. :-)

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Jan 19, 2014 #775456

Justmugshots.com IP address is and localblotter.com (which lists arrests but no photo) is The two appear to be hosted by: STATIC.corelink.com and the domain provider is Viawest.
I cannot find contact information for localblotter.com. I was cleared of all charges by a judge this week and want localblotter.com to take down the arrest record, which now appears high on my google search results. How do I contact lb.com? Thank you.

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Dec 09, 2013 #754863

Kyle Prall of bustedmugshots.com aka Citizens Information Associates (Austin, TX) on Inside Edition -- getting a taste of his own medicine:


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Dec 09, 2013 #754861

kyle prall of bustedmugshots.com aka citizens information associates on inside edition!!! getting a taste of his own medicine:


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Dec 08, 2013 #754727

First of all, I would like to say I strongly believe the two sites, florida-mugshot.com and bustedmugshots.com are one in the same based off of similarities between their site layouts, removal forms and etc. And just like when you see a cockroach, there are always more meaning maybe other mugshot websites are operating under the same umbrella of criminals..

A few months ago, I paid bustedmugshots.com to remove hyperlinks of me to crimes I was arrested for that were dropped. There is still one mugshot of me on their site for an actual convicted crime, a worthless check my ex-wife wrote, but it is what it is and I refuse to pay them anymore money. Earlier last week, I discovered another site this one with multiple mugshots of me. They want money is the bottom line, but here's the problem. If these websites all work together, collaborate, etc, then what they are doing would be classified as organized crime and more specifically extortion. And these new photos / links didn't appear until a few months after bustedmugshots.com extorted money from me.
Furthermore, the new site florida-mugshot.com is falsifying public records for financial gain by not only displaying photographs of me for dropped charges, but also for listing the wrong charges with the wrong mugshots.
I've run a search on this new seemingly mirror-site of bustedmugshots.com, florida-mugshot.com, and cannot locate who owns the site or where they are located. I've tried sunbiz.org, bbb.org and
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Sep 21, 2015 #1036787 Tampa, Florida, United States

Anything new related to this older issue? :) bustedmugshots.com is still in business and making money, the only company of this nature. Why is Kyle Prall still able to operate it? Any lawyer or government agency involved and able to help with this? :)

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Dec 08, 2013 #754721


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Fight Back

Nov 15, 2013 #742966

Anyone who has had there mugshot posted by these mugshot scam companies, whether you were guilty or not, has been a victim of a crime by the mugshot scammers. Report this to IC3.gov. The FBI is building a case to lock Kyle Prall (bustedmugshots.com) and all those other a**holes up for a really long time. The more complaints and victims... the more time the mugshot company owners will face. So let the FBI Internet Crimes Division at IC3.GOV know that you have been a victim. Google FBI mugshot scam to see the official FBI warning against these thugs.

Also, Kyle Prall is a convicted felony drug dealer with multiple arrests. Don't give him a dime. Your mugshot will just end up on another website of his.

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Nov 16, 2013 #743297 Tampa, Florida, United States

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!! I will go to the IC3.gov site and send in a complaint. If you need help with anything else you might be doing to expose and punish this rip off artist, Kyle Prall, BUSTED MUGSHOTS, please write me back and let me know. God bless you!

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Sep 01, 2013 #710158 Tampa, Florida, United States

I just googled my name and found my mugshot FIRST in the results. My arrest was 12 years ago and the charges were dropped. This website is clearly extorting people. How can it be legal to use personal information for profit? And, it is for profit. You must PAY to use their service, PAY to have your PERSONAL info removed. They are PAID by advertisers. How is this different from anyone else using your photo for gain? They prey on the upstanding citizens, who have been so unfortunate to have been in the predicament of being arrested and/or the citizen who is legitimately needing to know if they are associated or threatened by a TRUE criminal. I would not be surprised if the OWNERS of these sites are targeting the business community by searching their names and posting their pictures, hoping that they will allow themselves to be extorted out of humiliation. If I were you, I would have yourself and your friends and family google their names. I was not posted until recently, when I became an LLC.

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Jun 05, 2013 #660626 Lexington, Indiana, United States

mugshots .com has posted a mugshot of me on line that they will not remove even though my records wee expunged. they said that if you showed them proof that it was expunged that they would remove it and I sent it to them and they still want 300 dollars to remove it. Isn't this a scam? Why don't someone do something about these people. They are getting rich off of other people's misery and this hurts when you try to get a job. what can I do?

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Jan 31, 2013 #602009 Kansas City, Missouri, United States

I don't think there is, but if you ask around to attorneys in your area, maybe one will come up with a class action lawsuit. People need to unite because this affects people in every state. I'm not too sure of the class action laws suit website because there isn't a class action law suit going on there. They want donations to hire an attorney but I'm leary of that. There needs to be a class action lawsuit in every state. People need to unite. Pictures of people are being posted outside of mugshot websites. This is nothing less than harassing.

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Jan 30, 2013 #601453

Is there a class action lawsuit pending against bustedmugshots.com? How can I jump on the wagon? They have cause me so much misery.

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Jan 28, 2013 #600533 Correctionville, Iowa, United States

I'm a victim, and have thought about paying but here is why I haven't. These corrupt people will probably sell you info to another site (and tell them you paid to get the info off their site) who will then publish it again. This is the main reason why I think it distortion. There is no regulation or control over these sites.

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Jan 22, 2013 #596896 Kansas City, Missouri, United States

If anyone finds incorrect information on the mugshot websites, you should submit a report to Rippoff. If you google "an ugly business Ft. Worth weekly", you'll read about a man who found false information on mugshots.com in 2012, and what he EFFECTIVELY did about it. He actually called the owner of mugshots.com, whose name is Kyle Prall, and left him a message (and he, Kyle Prall, called him back). But he also filed a report with the ripoff website. Read this article and see for yourself how to deal with the inaccuracies on this websites.

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Nice Picture

Jan 29, 2013 #600888

This mugshot or picture was taken either for security clearance to get out of a government facility under construction. All company employees had to be identified to enter the site. Believe it or not some federal and state projects have high security areas requiring thiss stuff. I have been photographed a couple of time as well as finger printed. Home Land Security changed things so no one has any real rights!

Anyway, never figured this would show up on the internet but not going to pay just to get it taken down. Shame on people that do these things to others with out varifying the origin or reason for our photos ending up in a file. Either a federal or state file but you know the government most likely sold this information to these guys cheap! Just like insurance companies buy information on drivers in your state.

What do we do? Just hope you do not have to explain it over and over to friends, family and your employers. Whom are they going to believe anyway, some *** website or you? Think about it, be upfront because it could be worse with your picture cut and pasted on naked body!!!!

Hope these guys get what is coming!

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Mar 20, 2013 #625980 Washington, District Of Columbia, United States

Unfortunately, as of 2013, a lawyer just found evidence that there has been a long standing relationship between mugshots, arrests.com and ripoff report. I think the lawsuit originates out of Ohio

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Jan 22, 2013 #596892 Kansas City, Kansas, United States

To: Jane Doe regarding having no arrest but being on the website, if you file a report with Rippoff.com (or whatever it's called), you can cause problems for the mugshot website. And it'll cost them money, I believe. You should file a report. It won't hurt and this is a legitimate site for complaints.

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Jane Doe

Jan 22, 2013 #596881

I googled my name recently and found I am on this website. There is no mugshot (because I have never had one taken, I've never been arrested), the site just list some alledged charges I was arrested for! And before anyone asks "well how do you know its you"?, its because I have a very unique first and last name. I emailed the website, explained there had been some mixup and asked them to remove the listing, because anyone googling me while believe that I really was arrested. No response and the "lies" are still there for all to see.

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