This company charges you top dollar for LLC's, Business Licensing, getting a Tax ID or whatever other set ups you may order to get your business going. I spent $400 with them in January 2010. I assumed it was legitimate because the website has supposed experts online there to answer your questions live. Well, it has been 7 months and I have only recieved 2 out of the 4 things I ordered.

Almost every time I call them, they hang up on me and the measily two times they did answer - they said they would take care of everything and get back to me and they NEVER did. This is the biggest scam artist company! Beware! To make things worse, their customer service number (which is different than the one provided as their main line) is disconnected.

I eventually received a shady looking business certificate. But it lacked any specifics such as my name or my company name. They sent me a tax ID number and when I called the IRS to check on it- it was non existent! Also, they never registered my sellers permit. I completely got ripped off!

I checked them out in the better business bureau too late - and read warnings all over their listing saying that they are fraudulent. Please avoid these crooks.

You can get your self set up by going online to your states government website and doing your own research, And almost for free. So spare yourselves the risk of hiring a fake company and just do the work yourselves to save time and money.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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I wish I found this before going through the order. The charge is currently pending, attempting to have it void asap.


Thank you so much


I’m glad you posted this thank you. I was just about to use them.

Do you know of anywhere else to get license beside actually going in? lol


The same thing happens to me. I applied for a business license, gave them my information and shipping information.

I called them about 6-7 weeks later and they said I should received something, but changed there story and said I should have received the paperwork via email. They "later resend the email," which I never received the 1st place. All the email was was a partly filled out application for a business.

I never received my tax id information nor did the hold the business name with the government I asked for. Business application are free from the local city you are apply for.You fill out the paperwork and sent in a check with however much it cost.


I ordered my sellers permit about 4 months ago, I received the seller permit number by email. I have yet to receive the certificate.

Iv called and emailed multiple times with no answer...

the last time I called it actually rang, and sounded like someone picked up and then hung up on me. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

Charonda Pxk

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! These people are scam artist and they will rip you off.

I purchased a business licenses from them for $49.99 in jan. it took them 3 months to send me anything through the mail regarding that license. every time i called they claim they were calling the government and it should be there any day. when i finally got something back it was a letter saying that it cost an extra $100 to process my license.

then when i asked them about it they said the $49.99 was there fee to process it, and that they filed out the paper work now it my responsibility.

i guess it goes without saying that a refund was out of the question too. don't ever use businessnameusa.com

Stan S Xzv

I'm glad you said something about them. I just lost $99 to them, not much I know, but when you work part time minimum wage which I hate but wanted to break out of that *** shell for something better. :cry