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Nancy Farren convinced my mentally ill ex-husband to hire private investigator after investigator, download all my phones and computers in a divorce case. She drained our family of $350,000 in 6 months.

In the end the private investigator called me to warn me that he thought my husband was unstable and may hurt me. The private investigator testified for me in the divorce. Nancy also convinced my ex to file a ridiculous domestic violence complaint to keep me out of my house! Nancy ended up firing my husband saying conflict of interest when I believe the truth is, he was out of money.

In the end, I was given full custody of my children.

Bulman Dunie Burke and Feld Pros: Beating them in the courtroom.

Bulman Dunie Burke and Feld Cons: Nancy farren and melissa k.

Location: Olney, Maryland

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To all that have left your heart felt messages after being victimized by Nancy Farren... I beg you all to contact the Maryland Court Watchdog Group in Montgomery County so they can investigate and help.

There are still many others who have not come forward. We are doing research on these cases and have other cases that will be submitted to show how Nancy Farren has harmed others.

Some of these victims are severely traumatized and are afraid to step forward. Getting their case files to help them will hopefully show these victims they are not alone.


I'm so sorry for your loss. It seems as though Nancy shouldn't have entered into an agreement to contract for services with someone who was not competent to sign the agreement. Seems like the bar association ought to hear about this.

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The problem is the Ethics Committee has strong ties to Nancy Farren’s friends and associates.Only an outside Watchdog Group can help... along with the ACLU.


Please do not be afraid to contact others that Nancy Farren has victimized bc there are plenty.The Maryland Court Watchdog Group is doing all they can to help those who have been hurt by lawyers like Nancy Farren. Please feel free to contact them for help.


Ms. Farren does this to everyone

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