I hired Mr. Talley/Builders Corporation to build an addition on my home so that I could move my 82 year old mother from Baltimore to Virginia, to avoid having to be put in a nursing home.

My sister got a 2nd mortgage on her home to build the addition. Hiring Mr. Talley was the worst decision I ever made. The project was a nightmare from the start.

Mr. Talley's cost estimate was a joke. The project was $6,000.00 over budget before he hammered a nail. When he did finally start building, in July (contract and deposit were paid in June), he only had work crews at the property twice a week.

His estimate for materials was $3,500.00, which was up to $7,500.00 before we fired him. He refused to give us an estimated work schedule, did not return calls, would not give us a detailed cost breakdown, and tried to charge us extra for work that was supposed to be in the original contract. He repeatedly demanded payments, even though work to be done prior to payments being due was incomplete. We finally fired him after not being able to contact him for ten days.

We hired another contractor who had to re-do all of the work Mr. Talley said was complete, as well as rebut building materials. His own employees said that he has been sued several times and that the majority of his customers are unhappy with him. More than one of his workers said that Mr.

Talley often shorts his employees on their pay. He also said that they ever know where they will be working and have to wait until Mr. Talley calls them in the morning. He has cost me $30,000.00, and my addition remains incomplete.

My elderly mothet still lives alone in Baltimore, and has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, breast cancer, and dementia. I don't know how Mr. Talley lives with himself.

I'd burn money before I'd pay him a penny ever again. Shame on you!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Location: Norfolk, Virginia

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Sometimes people just want to cause problems with companies. They want to upgrade and/or change everything in a contract. They sure don't want to pay the extra costs they cause.


Nice try Talley. We all know this is you.


He did similar things to us


Sometimes homeowners want to complete part of a job themself to save money. At times they don't know how, find out it is too much work for them to deal with, or decide to get a "friend" to help and end up with a big mess.

They may want to hire their neighbor "the unlicensed electrician". When they find out an electrical inspection won't pass they blame it on the contractor even tbough tbe contractor had already told them what would happen.

They also do not like having to pay a licensed guy more money to correct the work. This throws the schedule off too.

Sometimes homeowners upgrade building materials or add extras to the contract and get annoyed when their extras don't come free.


Building Corp and his hires left our landscape in ruins, left cement splatter on our existing concrete, and wanted most of the contract money before 50% done.


We need to find a way to get together to file complaints with the BBB, DPOR and the Virginia Board of Contractors. He is doing the same thing with us-started in July and still nowhere near done. Please respond and we will figure this out together.


He tried to intimidate us into paying for most of the project before it wasn't near finished. Fired his rude ...

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