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Well just echoing what others have said. I used the ACH method of payment to get the discount.

Noticed after 4th business day the note in my account is "e check pending". Texted with customer service and they spouted the funds go through a clearing House and are not available until at least the fifth business day. This was the case years ago but not now. Funds have to be cleared by the next business day.

I think they are citing the five day rule to allow them to order a pistol not in stock (even though the website says they have it) for resale, more leisurely picking and shipping any given order, etc. I read a lot of the other reviews and I am very worried about this order when and if it ships to me.

I ordered a pretty expensive revolver based on Hickock45's glowing testimonials for Bud's. Hope I am not an idiot.

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