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Over the decades I've bought many guns from various online sellers, gun auction sites, gun shows and local shops. I was planning to purchase a handgun tonight and use the layaway plan.

After reading these reviews, I realized I'd do far better purchasing somewhere else with sellers I have done business with before and have positive experiences with. Nothing is better than proven good experiences. I would not want the same things to happen to me that some of these other folks have experienced. Common sense says stay away from Buds because you can do much better with less risk.

Now there's some folks who will read this that are too hardcore and insensitive to others(as I've read) that will tear up my comments, trash me, call me names and be downright nasty.

That's OK and I expect it, as these are people that I would not socialize with and they probably run their lives much like Buds does business.

Again, THANX for your warnings, reviewers. Ciao

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I have done business with Bud’s in the past but I am with you. I probably won’t do anymore cause sounds like there business practices have changed and not for the better.