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Budsgunshop is no better than all the other as&*holes that force us to choose something we don't want if we don't pay their "Team Buds" membership fees. I don't understand how America is not mad as *** about this type of forced membership, paying extra for an item like Budsgunshop and Amazon charges.

Item Reserved for paying members only is not a part of the 2nd Amendment. Again Budsgunshop is what is wrong with America, catering to the rich...DO NOT support Budsgunshop and buy from somewhere else that actually supports the 2nd Amendment and freedom...i put an item into my cart and before i could even checkout it became unavailable for me to purchase because it suddenly became a "Team Buds" item...

Product or Service Mentioned: Buds Gun Shop Team Buds Membership.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I agree with you 100% I spend thousands with them, and now they want to scam me out of $30 just so they can charge me retail price for a non exclusive rifle. Bye bye buds.


gun.deals will find consumers more options, better deals, and, best of all, better service than Buds. Obviously, Buds is afraid of adverse feedback since they delete most of the negative feedback from their site in addition to the shills (fake supporters) to counter the negative feedback on this site.


Well, you're angry... But for the wrong reasons.

2nd amendment has absolutely nothing to do with how Buds does business. They are, in fact, a HUGE supporter of our 2nd amendment just by the fact that they are the largest online firearm retailer for the US. You are mad because you didn't have an order in before the supply went too low. This is a free market economy, and what make our country great.

The supply was too low, and they then offered the limited stock to only those who payed into the membership. Your anger is displaced my friend.


It is called a free market. You are free to buy at anyplace you choose.

I am a team Buds member and love it. The second amendment has nothing to do with a free market.

Heck the taxes I would pay at a LGS would be way more than the puny membership. Silly post


Nothing is "forced" don't pay it and go elsewhere. I have bought several guns from Buds and so far have been very pleased.


I have several guns from Buds. I would have never been able to afford my M1A if Buds did not have a good price. This guy is joke