New Bern, North Carolina
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On this date friday28 Nov. 2014.

I tried to purchase a Empereor Guardian Tactical shotgun that was advertised the night before through various internet media sources as selling for $49.00-I honestly thought this was a typo. But with further digging into their site I found the price to be accurately reflected. Well as soon as their site opened up at 8:00 this morning I spent 2 1/2 Hours getting through then their computer host dropped this happened so many times that I was amazed. At approximately 10:30 this morning I tried to reach them by phone I managed to get through only to have a phone rep state that they had sold out of the $49.00 guns, however they could sell me the (same) gun for it's original price of $189.00.

Now wait a minute you claim to be one of the largest guns sellers on the internet and you run out of this model 2:30 into your sale. You are either inept, don't give a *** about your customers or borderline criminal. Well when I spoke to one of their supervisors Eric he said there was nothing he could do because that particular stock of that gun had run out. But excuse me for being challenged with this situation but if you can say in the same sentence that you can sell me one for $189.00 you are telling (me) you have more guns.

So I told the supervisor that I was going to start trashing their companies poor business practices at every opportunity possible.

And that is why I am doing this now. (Do not) do business with these poor excuses for gun sellers.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: You honor your advertisement or I make financial war on your company..

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Called bait and switch it is illegal complain to ATI and state dept.


Buds actually sent me an email offering to sell me the pistol "that was still in my cart" for over $250 more than the price that it was when I placed it in my cart. (I was told that it was "out of stock" before I could finish checking out during the sale)

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