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I have been a customer of Buds for many years and have spent thousands of hard earned dollars. My purchase practice has always been payment in full with a certified bank check usually sent via USPS 2 day service.

I live in Minnesota so I've never seen it take more than two days from my hand to Buds. The last three major purchase (firearms) have taken for ever to complete their processing stage of shipping seems to be common on their part. I'm not sure what's going on. I believe it's one of three things that is causing this issue.

1. Buds is treating a certified bank check like a personal check which is not. 2. Their claim of in stock is not true and orders are placed with their supplier once they receive an order.

Or they are simply under staffed with the amount of orders being placed. Calling their customer service now seems to be a waste of time all you hear is I don't have that information and it can take up to seven business days to ship. We don't know where the shipping process is at this time. I'm a business owner and have been for many years.

My company processes and ships many orders daily and with a push of a button any of us know all the information regarding a shipment. My current order payment was received six days ago and still seeing "in process". I'm not so sure I'll continue doing business with Buds, yes their pricing is attractive but their business practices are not. I also deal with a couple of local firearms dealers which have told me they would match Buds pricing and I believe that's way I'll go from now on.

Yes if a local dealer doesn't have it stock there will be a wait for them to order.

But it seems I'm doing that with Buds anyway. To bad Buds once was great to deal with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Buds Gun Shop Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Buds Gun Shop Pros: Variety of selection.

Buds Gun Shop Cons: Poor customer service.

  • Buds Arbitrary Shipment Policies
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