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“I have ordered a few firearms from these people mostly because of the attractiveness of the price and the fast shipping BUT I have had issues with all the guns I received or ordered. DO NOT ORDER FROM BUDS GUN SHOP!

YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED! THE GUNS ARE DISCOUNTED FOR A REASON MAN! THINK ABOUT IT??? The first gun I ordered was a brand new small revolver.

I found out a few weeks later that the frame was damaged underneath the grip. Upon receiving a NEW gun I shouldnt have to dismantle the whole to small pieces and inspect everything to find out something is wrong with it. BUT maybe I need to when receiving a supposed NEW gun from these people? The next gun I ordered was a Mossberg shotgun and I did it over the phone with there customer service rep instead of buying it through the online service.

I noticed the service rep ordered the wrong shotgun for me and before it was sent to me I called them and had the order cancelled. When I wanted my money back they charged me a lot of money on what they called a restocking fee even though it was the customer rep that messed up the order. The third gun and last gun I WILL EVER ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE was a NEW gun once again. It was supposed to be the ELITE version best of the best quality gun that I payed a lot of money for BUT the one I received would be best described as something you dig up from the bottom of the Titanic!!

I new something was up when it came wrapped in a sandwich bag and I tried to refuse the gun with my FFL dealer and he said he does not do returns so I HAD to take it home for further inspection. The gun came wrapped in a sandwich bag and looked like it was tossed in a rock crusher before it got to me. It was also VERY dirty and greasy which hid all the gouges and scratches in the thing before I could clean and wipe the gun down. It took a lot of cleaning to do an inspection of a gun that should have only had two bullets at most ran threw the thing when tested at the factory.

I took it back to my FFL dealer but nothing was done. So after lots of emails and calling Buds Guns Shop they refuse to do anything for me because I took the gun home with me. Not only did my FFL dealer do me a great disservice but also Buds Gun Shop people act like its something amusing to them that I had such an expensive NEW gun sent to me that looks worse than chewed bubble gum. They gave me the too bad so sad speel and laughed about the problem.

I seriously doubt these guns came out of the factory as NEW guns ready to be bought. They seem like factory discount defect guns that they got on the cheap or something. I can only speculate. The bottom line here is I got screwed by the middle man!

Its hard to get good honest service these days. Im glad to know I will not be using any of the above mentioned people ever again!

If you like being lied to with third rate hand me down discount garbage and totally love being ripped off of your hard earned money than by all means use THESE PEOPLE. ”

Product or Service Mentioned: Gun.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Was excited to buy my sons new .22 rifles.

Liked the fact that buds advertised 3-7 day delivery would ensure the guns arrived in time frame for big camp trip, wrong.

Well it's been 12 days, two phone calls from me, nothing has shipped yet, so basically even if they ship next few days I'm looking at little under 3 wks minimum on delivery from order date..

What a complete waste of my $ & time!!

My first & last buds order!

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