Pretoria, Gauteng

Bud's will share your purchase information. I got an email from a company wanting me to give Bud's a review on my purchase.

They will also delete or change your reviews of products if they don't like what you had to say.

I have a 50/50 experience with Bud's. Two guns I bought were pretty good. Two guns I bought were bad. The Howa .223 rifle was two years old and had a 1:12 twist and would not group.

I had to send it to Legacy Sports and luckily they replaced it. Yey for them. Nice people at Legacy. I bought a Mosin Negant that shot so far to the left it was in another zip code.

Sold that to a collector for less than I paid.

And now they have Team Bud's that you have to join for a fee if you want any good customer service or even the ability to buy or get prices on some guns.

Today I demanded they delete my account.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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