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Fake news, fake reviews. We know the drill.

Buds fairly recent practices of slightly sketchy pricing practices and shady fine-printed add-on costs, and no review transparency, has finally driven me away.

This time, they lowered the price of an item I purchased nearly 15 percent (that is, $78)* the very day it arrived at the local FFL. I wrote a review to this effect, which was apparently screened and found 'inappropriate' and not posted. No vulgarities or innuendo were used. I don't do crude and profane in public spaces. They just didn't like the negative review. When I checked back 2 weeks later to find no review I went to write another but was blocked because I'd already written one. So they blocked the second review because I'd already written one they didn't post. Hmm. And as an aside apparently their price matching policy doesn't apply to themselves.

I've made 9 such transactions in recent years. This review scenario has been repeated now three times. All my positive reviews (more than 6 including accessories and other items) were readily posted.

This item had somewhat limited market availability at the time. But just a week later there was greater availability and if I'd waited, taking into account the add-on costs, I would've saved well over $100 if I'd gone with one of my past go-to suppliers, Cheaper Than Dirt. But I'm finally done with Buds.

*to be fair, I misstated the mark up in the review. But it's the fact of the markup, not the amount, that's at issue. Also be careful as some out-of-state suppliers charge state tax and others don't. Buds does.

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